Here at Business Website Builder Reviews, we don't skimp when we consider who we want to name as number one. With QuickPro however, the decision was easy. When it comes to ease of use, QuickPro is number one. QuickPro is, hands down, the best website builder out there for businesses that want to make their own website without having to spend years learning how to code it yourself. Obviously, you are looking for an ecommerce solution, and you're thinking I would like to make my own website through a website builder. Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking at our review site. And if you're looking for a good ecommerce shop builder, then QuickPro is the ecommerce website designer for you.

They offer many features that are designed for businesses. To begin with, they offer an ecommerce shopping cart, which allows customers to easily move products from your ecommerce storefront to their shopping cart, and into their homes. QuickPro has many shopping cart solutions. You can use a Merchant Gateway with the choice of over 20 major merchant account providers, which will allow you to accept credit cards, or use a Paypal shopping cart. Paypal is easily the most trusted name in merchant services, so you know that both you and your customers will be safe while making your transactions.

QuickPro can easily be tailored to any individual's needs, because it is simply the number one business website builder. Whether you're searching for a real estate website builder, or whether you're looking to create a travel agent website, you can find what you need at QuickPro. With such extra options as email marketing, optional pop-up windows, and feedback forms, QuickPro can easily be tailored for any business.

So, QuickPro is the number one ecommerce website builder, but what extra features do they offer? That's a good question, and it's a question that QuickPro has a long answer to. First of all, they offer a flash website builder, which allows you to build a flash website for your business. They also offer flash intro templates and flash header templates, which allows you to capture your customer's business with professional flash intros and flash headers. QuickPro is your solution for building an easy flash website store, but QuickPro's offerings don't end at flash.

They offer shopping cart hosting, which allows you to transfer domain names to it. They also offer free domain names and free domain name registration in case you don't currently have a domain name for your business. In addition to this, they have logo makers. You can use their logo makers to make logos online for your business. So, between the professional ecommerce package and shopping cart hosting, the flash designer, and the cool logo makers, QuickPro is all that you'll ever need to create a professional-looking website. And with such great features as their shopping cart solutions, their 24/7 tech support, and their easy interface, you can't afford to not use QuickPro. See how QuickPro compares in the chart below and click here to visit Quickpro's Business Website Builder and try it out for 14 days free!

Scale 1 - 10
Fair - Excellent
Homestead Site2You Yahoo!
Business Categories such as a Real Estate Web Site Builder,
or mortgage website templates
9.5 4 7 2 9
Ease of Use 10 8 8 7 9
Choice of Console Languages other than English Yes No No No No
Server Log Files Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Customer Database and Stats Yes ? No No No
Speed of Software 9 7
but pages are incomplete
8 4 8
Add Appointment Schedulers, Calendars, Feedback & Contact Forms Yes Costs Extra No No Yes
Auto Responder, Article Pages, and Event Calendars Yes Costs Extra No No Yes
Domain Names Yes Costs Extra Yes No Yes
Email Marketing Yes Costs Extra Yes No Yes
Ecommerce Shop included in price Yes No Yes No Yes
Email Lists and Response Statistics Yes No Yes No Yes
Portfolio Pages, Real Estate Pages, Auto Pages, and extras included Yes No Yes No Yes
Flash Intros included Yes No No No No
Flash Headers included Yes No No No No
Pop-Up Windows included Yes No No No Yes
Easily Add Product Pictures and Descriptions to your Ecommerce Shop Yes No Yes No Yes
Ecommerce Package Integrated Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Shopping Cart Hosting included Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Customer Service Yes Yes Yes Yes yes
Configure Shipping and Sales Tax Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Choice to Accept Credit Cards
or use a Paypal Shopping Cart
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Merchant Account with Payment Gateway Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Logo Makers Yes Yes No No No
Free Trial Yes Yes No Yes No


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