WebsiteWizard is one of the older website builders on the net. It's three years old, and it still has some very nice features. The only problem, however, with WebsiteWizard, is that it's not specifically designed for ecommerce. While it does have the option to upgrade to an ecommerce website, this costs extra and the upgrade process isn't very easy. In addition, even the upgrade doesn't give some of the features of more advanced builders, such as easy adding and editing of products. The system isn't set up directly for ecommerce, although it is easy to change it. For this reason, WebsiteWizard is probably best for smaller businesses, or businesses with small amounts of products.

The website for WebsiteWizard is very well designed. You will be able to easily find whatever resources you are searching for. They offer three basic plans. The cheapest plan doesn't have any sort of resources for ecommerce. The middle plan has a few resources, but it still doesn't include any sort of shopping cart, etc. The most expensive plan, however, has a large amount of resources for ecommerce. You get a shopping cart, the ability to accept credit cards, and a large amount of other extras.

As for domain names, WebsiteWizard offers multiple options, but only for the upper tiers of service. The lower level only offers a subdomain of The mid and upper-levels offer free .net, .com, or .org domain names.

WebsiteWizard also has a lot of bonus tools that are extremely useful for people distributing electronic products. For example, the upper tier allows you to distribute electronic products automatically. That is, you can distribute pictures, software, and books the second that customers send the money. You don't have to touch anything. WebsiteWizard handles it for you!

One of the greatest selling points of WebsiteWizard is the large amount of material they offer on web creation. Just by going to their website, you can get a crash course in building an online business by reading an eBook they have free on their site. In addition, if you upgrade to the next tier of business, you can get a free book on how to win in the ezine business. See how WebsiteWizard compares in the chart below then click here to visit WebsiteWizard for a Free Trial.

Scale 1 - 10
Fair - Excellent
Business Categories such as a
Real Estate Web Site Builder,
or mortgage website templates
Ease of Use108879
Choice of Console Languages other than EnglishYesNoNoNoNo
Server Log FilesYes?YesYesYes
Customer Database and StatsYes?NoNoNo
Speed of Software97
but pages are incomplete
Add Appointment Schedulers, Calendars, Feedback & Contact FormsYesCosts ExtraNoNoyes
Auto Responder, Article Pages,
and Event Calendars
YesCosts ExtraNoNoYes
Domain Names included YesCosts ExtraYesNoYes
Email MarketingYesCosts ExtraYesNoYes
Ecommerce Shop included in price YesNoYesNoYes
Email Lists and Response StatisticsYesNoYesNoYes
Portfolio Pages, Real Estate Pages, Auto Pages, and extras includedYesNoYesNoYes
Flash Intros included YesNoNoNoNo
Flash Headers included YesNoNoNoNo
Pop-Up Windows included YesNoNoNoYes
Easily Add Product Pictures and Descriptions to your Ecommerce StorefrontYesNoYesNoYes
Ecommerce Package IntegratedYesYesYesNoYes
Shopping Cart Hosting includedYesYesYesNoYes
Customer Service YesYesYesYesyes
Configure Shipping and Sales TaxYesYesYesNoYes
Choice to Accept Credit Cards or use a Paypal Shopping CartYesYesYesNoYes
Merchant Account with Payment GatewayYesYesYesNoYes
Logo Makers YesYesNoNoNo
Free Trial YesYesNoYesNo
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