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5 Best Website Builders
5 Best Website Builders
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Design flexibility:10/10
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Ease Of Use:10/10
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Design flexibility:9/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
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Each year we conduct Website Builder Reviews from the previous years to find the best website builder or the best business website builder that can easily create a nice, functional website quickly. View an At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for each right here!

These website builders require no software download and can easily be used online through your browser. When we do a Website Builder Review, we are also looking for the easiest to use Ecommerce Software Solution integrated with the website builder.

Looking for the Best SEO Website Builders? Get All Features and Recommendations Here!

Are you going to create your business website and you were told that you definitely need to configure SEO? And you do not know what is and with what to eat it? You were lucky that you read this because here you will find answers not only to your questions but also get some recommendations.

SEO is far from magic but is one of the most powerful tools that are simply necessary for all those who have a website. Speaking simply and without a technical aspect, this is website optimization with which you can achieve a high ranking in search results.

What can you get from SEO? It provides you with users who didn’t come from advertising. And this means that their choice to visit the site was conscious, and this is a sign of a serious mood. Of course, you can attract potential customers through advertising, but here’s how to keep them then? This is only possible with SEO. You probably no longer have any doubts about why you need to customize your site with this.

And now, many will begin to argue that it is expensive, difficult and even impossible to do on their own. Fortunately, modern site builders have decided to eradicate such fears.

Now almost every designer has a set of necessary settings for SEO. Moreover, they do not require to be used purely by professionals and are suitable even for beginners. If you want to learn more about the best website builder for SEO, then let’s get started.

How to Choose the Website Builder with Best SEO Opportunities?

Finding the right tool on your own may not always be an easy task. There are too many attractive offers, many functions are duplicated, but somewhere the pricing does not leave you indifferent. In such a variety you can get lost or get away from the main goals.

That is why we decided to select the 5 best website builders for google ranking that will help not only make a good website, but also optimize it at the proper level. Now there is no need to spend time on long searches, all you need is to read to the end and choose one constructor from the 5 top-rated.

Basic Tips That Will Help with SEO

Most entrepreneurs make a common mistake. Once their site is ready, they fall into a state of waiting when customers will come to them. Time passes but there are no customers and no one visits the site. The culprits are the developers of the site or the tools used by them. But the real problem is that potential customers simply don’t see your site. How to fix it?

SEO optimization is able to pull your site to the highest positions. But here, entrepreneurs begin to doubt whether it is worth starting. After all, it is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. But this is not so, especially if your site is developed using the constructors described above. Let’s take a look at the basic tips for optimization that will help you get started promoting your site.

  • Analyze your pages. You need to pay attention to the following elements for each page: headings, meta descriptions, and URLs. Keywords play an important role as headings and in meta descriptions. Therefore, this is the first thing you need to start with. Analyze your content, there should be basic search engine queries based on your niche. The more they match, the higher the chances that your site will be in the top list of results.

  • You probably noticed that some constructors have flaws in the mobile version. As everyone knows, today most users look for information on the Internet through gadgets. Therefore, if you want the site to bring results, you need to optimize it for the mobile version. It will take a lot of time, and maybe even money. But this is a real must-have in modern conditions.

  • Observe the optimal number of characters when creating a meta description. For example, computers are capable of reflecting up to 160 characters, while smartphones and other gadgets show only 130. Find a middle ground so that you cannot go too far with capturing the attention of the visitor and not miss the necessary details.

  • Use analytics and metrics. This is an important attribute with which you can get valuable information about what is happening with your traffic. Thus, you will have a clear picture of how users behave on the site and what they do not like.

  • Think of a link exchange strategy with partners. But here you need to be extremely careful. This is due to the fact that search engines instantly ban inept optimizers. This is an idea about those who focus solely on the number of links, and not on their quality. In order not to get into the ban, you must use automatic tools that help you check the quality of links.

  • Optimization of less valuable pages. Search engines simply go crazy with quality content and carefully monitor relevant indicators, such as behavioral factors and time spent on the page. If you want to increase your ranking in Google, then you need to remove those pages that do not carry any value and semantic load to your users. Typically, these pages are very poorly indexed by robots. Analyze these pages and if they contain useless content then you should simply delete them or close them from indexing. In our review, there are constructors that provide the ability to close indexing.

  • Work on page loading speed. Users do not like sites that work slowly. And search engines also do not particularly favor such sites. Our review already mentioned that some plugins can slow down the work, so pay attention to how any additional applications will affect the site.

Final Thoughts About the Best Websites for SEO

In this article, you met with the best SEO optimized websites builders. Depending on what type of site you plan to create, the choice of a suitable tool can be made. There is no doubt that among them there is exactly the one you are looking for.

  • For example, Wix and Weebly are very easy to use.

  • Squarespace offers both good settings for SEO and also does not cause many difficulties.

  • WordPress is suitable for those who have basic knowledge of working with the site and allow freedom of action in the field of SEO.

  • Well, with Shopify, you can increase the sales of your store.

Standard functions allow you to save on the services of a SEO specialist. And if you also take into account the fact that optimization needs to be dealt with constantly, then even paid functions will cost you less. Of course, it’s good when a specialist does all the SEO-related tasks for you. But when everything comes down to the budget, you will have to work independently.

However, with these builders and our recommendations, this is not at all difficult. So increasing the ranking of your site and making it friendly for search engines is simple. Nothing prevents you from starting to work right now, choose the most suitable tool and start to work.

The Most Popular Questions

  • Do I need SEO knowledge?

Using the constructors from our review is completely optional. Most offer intuitive settings and a methodological base regarding settings.

Based on their numerous user reviews, there are three tools that do not cause many difficulties in the work. These are Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace. To choose the most suitable one, familiarize yourself once again with their key characteristics and select according to your needs. You can also try to work in free versions, this is the surest way to understand this or that constructor will suit you.

  • Alternative text – what is it and why is it needed?

This is a way to give search engines an understanding of what the image is about. Now they are not able to automatically analyze what is depicted and therefore such text is created. It displays everything that is shown on your site and helps put them in the search results for images.

  • Why set up SEO optimization?

If you do not pay due attention to this, then your site will simply not be displayed in the search results. This is especially important if you have many competitors in the niche. Namely, with the help of SEO tools, you can overtake them.

  • Are there enough built-in tools for SEO in constructors?

For the full functionality of your site, using standard functions may not be enough. Yes, builders provide many optimization opportunities, but they won’t be able to automatically configure your content. Therefore, there are aspects that you need to configure yourself. For example, these are keywords and unique content.

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