Best Website Builder For Small Business

Top 5 Best Website Builders for Small Business


Getting your small business online is not easy at all. It requires time, money and a lot of efforts. The main goal is to create an attractive site that will entice more customers through the Internet. Most small firms have a tight and limited budget. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to hire a professional designer who will create a small business website from scratch. Good news is that technologies evolve fast, and nowadays, you can create your small business website by yourself. Site creators are designated to make this process as simple and accessible to all people as possible. 


There are plenty of options to choose from. However, it’s not that easy to find the perfect site builder that will satisfy all your requirements in terms of pricing, template choice and usability. In this article, we will guide you through the main things you should pay attention to while choosing the best business website builder as well as provide you with the list of top 5 builders that are considered as the most convenient for such purpose. 


How to Choose the Best Small Business Website Builder


Choosing a great and professional website builder is never easy, taking into consideration the enormous amount of different options available on the web. Here are the main factors that you should consider before you opt for one particular builder and pay for a premium plan in advance. 


First of all, the best website builder for small business is an affordable one. Reasonable price should be your main priority as an entrepreneur. Also, as your business starts growing, it should allow you to improve your website as well and tailor it to bigger customer quantity and needs. 


Another important factor of the best website builder for business is how easy it is to use it. You might not know any coding language, but a good builder allows you to make small business website with ease. If you found a perfect builder, you can create a business website with no help in a professional way. It shouldn’t be a problem to create the essential simple pages such as home page, contact page, about page, etc. Also, you have to be able to add more complex features to your sites such as video or image galleries, or other important elements like a blog, online store, booking page and so on. Site creators are called to make the process easy and convenient for all people, so these factors are paramount to make the final choice. 


Prior Things to Consider while Choosing


Email marketing feature is one of the most important for any small business as it allows you to communicate with your customers, understand better their needs and enhance the product or service you deliver. It’s a great way to become a little bit closer to your clients and connect on a more personal level. A professional site maker will allow you to manage your mailbox as well. For example, Squarespace, a site builder we will describe down below, integrates with MailChim, which is one of the most popular email marketing tools. You will be able to create engaging and catchy emails even without knowledge of an HTML coding language which is used to adjust fonts, colors, styles of your email. Now sending professional emails to your audience is so much easier. Take your enterprise to the next level by always staying in touch with loyal customers and attract new ones. 


Before you pick a builder, you have to check whether it offers the right variety of images and templates that will suit your business purpose. For instance, for an accounting company, more professional photos would be more appropriate, whereas, for artists, photographers, designers, there is a room for creativity in visual elements. Check out the main set of templates to make sure it aligns with goals and expectations. 


A good site maker is the one which has excellent customer support. All builders listed in this article offer 24/7 customer support over email or phone. In case you have some difficulties with creating a site, or some other technical issues occurred, you can feel free to communicate with their customer support team, and you will address all inconveniences and problems. You will find video guides and tutorials that will facilitate the process as well. You will have the chance to focus more on the website itself rather than wasting time on some technical details. Everything is designed to make your experience unforgettable. 


The last but not the least factor that should define your choice is SEO friendliness. Small business development is impossible without marketing activities, especially search engine optimization. The best website for small business should enable you to add meta tags, keywords and descriptions to make your site more visible on the web to your target audience.


The List of the Best and the Easiest Site Builders 


We have come up with the list of top small business site creators that will be perfect for any firm owner or entrepreneur. We have analyzed them so you will find their main pros and cons to help you make your final decision and choose the one that you will use to take your business to the next level. 




Wix was founded in 2006, became very popular, and now this product keeps conquering the market. It’s considered as the most effective, powerful and at the same time straightforward and simple top website maker. This platform will be perfect for a customer who owns a small business and is willing to boost online presence. Wix is well-known for its convenience, user-friendliness and the plenty of site customization options. You will be able to create a brand new stylish site in just a few hours all by yourself with no previous design background. It allows you to move all elements available on a chosen template, delete it or add missing ones. Creating a website will be a piece of cake for you.

Moreover, this particular website builder is quite affordable. There are different plans for different purposes. The price starts from $11 up to $35 per month. Each project has its own set of perks and features so you feel free to choose the one that will suit your needs. Here are the main pros and cons of this site builder that should facilitate the final decision-making process. 



  • 500+ templates are ready for use. Choose the one that you like the most and start building your site right away by simply putting the content you have prepared beforehand. 

  • Creative control is possible. All templates can be easily adjusted so you will get a customized site tailored to your preferences. 



  • After your website goes live, you are not allowed to make any changes. If you decide to amend or redesign your site, you will have to do this completely from scratch. 

  • Before you get used, you can feel overwhelmed with an infinite amount of options for customization. 




Another site builder that integrates great functionality, great template designs and easy interface is Weebly. This is one of the best tools to create a website for your business. It’s super intuitive and user-friendly. You will be able to change an image or logo with ease, add the elements missing or remove ones that you don’t like from a template. With Weebly, your site will be ready just within a couple of hours. You can use this service for free. However, you will access an only limited number of features, plugin and templates. Pricing for the paid plan can attaint $25 per month, and for eCommerce, the pricing varies from $8 up to $38 per month. Here is why you should consider this one. 



  • A big number of diverse apps that will allow you to create the site of your dream with a set of functions that you will choose. 

  • SEO feature that will allow you to get on top of Google search results so more customers will get familiar with your site.

  • All templates are mobile responsive, so they will look great on any device, whether it’s a laptop or cell phone. 

  • Depending on a plan you choose you can get access to such perks as integration with analytics, HD audio/video files, etc. 



  • Although there are plenty of features and design options, you have to choose a paid plan to get access to all of them. 

  • Website storage is limited to 500MB. If you have a lot of files that surpass this number, you will have to upgrade your plan to get additional storage space. 

  • Drag and drop builder on Weebly site can seem daunting to some people. 

  • You will have to contact Weebly support team to restore a deleted site. 




If you are a sophisticated user, you will definitely like outstanding fancy designs available on Squarespace. Speaking of the pricing, the costs are a little bit higher than for an average site builder, but you will get so many great features for the money you pay so you will never regret your purchase. There are plans available from $12 up to $18 per month. For an online store, the price will vary from $26 to $40 per month. 

This service has so many options and tools, so it’s not as easy as Wix, for example, but still, there should be no problems with creating your website. Results will surely astound you. Squarespace will be perfect for people working in the creative field such as photographers or artists. There is no better place to attract customers to your artworks. 



  • A plethora of stunning design templates that will satisfy the pickiest and sophisticated users. All templates are mobile responsive, so it will look good on any device your potential customer will use. 

  • Customize your site easily, move, add or delete elements, choose fonts, colors and background image. Everything is possible to make your website as tailored as possible. 

  • Social media integration is possible on this platform. You can even pull the info you need from a certain social media platform to your website. 

  • For entrepreneurs, there are eCommerce great features, analytics as well as SSL certificate.



  • Squarespace is a quite pricey site maker, but even with a basic plan, you will get access to a myriad of cool features. The custom domain name should also be paid after the first free year. 

  • Comparing with competitors such as Wix, this platform is more difficult in use. Tech-savvy people will appreciate but for beginners using an alternative is more recommended. 



Whereas Squarespace is designated for people in the creative industries, 1&1 will suit people working as lawyers, accountants or consultants. This particular builder is more about functionality rather than striking design solutions. But it’s perfect for people trying to get their small business off the ground. There are plenty of different templates for various career industries to choose from. Opportunities for eCommerce are also immense including widgets that will make shopping on your site much easier. We should also notice that there is a multi-language function which is perfect if you want to go international. There are great tools to take your business to the next level. Email marketing manager tool will help you communicate with customers, social media integration and blog are available to share engaging content with your audience. Search engine optimization tool will help you stay on top of online search and appear to your target audience. The platform is amazing, and the price for the subscription will cost you only $1 per month for the first year.



  • Plenty of professional features for a small price that will help you create a business site that will succeed. 

  • Relatively low price. Yes, for the first year you will pay only one dollar each month, however, afterwards, the price will be $8 per month. Still, it’s quite reasonable for a builder of such professional level. 



  • The design of the template is not that attractive as on platforms described above. All of them are very simple, functional and aimed for professional people in the service field. For more fancy options consider Wix or Squarespace website makers. 

  • If you chose this site, not for professional aims, 1&1 probably wouldn’t manage to satisfy you as a user. Other options would be much more convenient as they offer a more wider range of perks and features. 




If you want to build a decent site very fast and start conquering the market right away, GoDaddy is a perfect solution for you. The interface is simple, so it’s super easy and convenient to use this builder. This one is pretty fast, so for a short period, you will be able to go live with your small business idea. There is a big amount of templates to choose from. Besides, you can switch templates, and your website will be automatically transformed. This outstanding feature sets this builder apart from others. GoDaddy has a drag and drop function as well which is very easy to use. In addition, GoDaddy contains ADI (artificial design intelligence) that will help you to create a site based on your answer to a set of question. This tool will significantly facilitate the overall process and save your time and energy. The platform will be great for eCommerce as it includes diverse payment and shipping methods and possibility to add 5K products. 



  • You can not just build a site on this platform, but also to take care of all related aspects of having a site such as domain registration and web hosting. You don’t have to look for these features on the other website. Everything you needed is concentrated in one single place.  

  • Fast way to create a website with a wide range of professional functions. 

  • Plenty of eCommerce functions to make your enterprise profitable. 



  • If you want your site to be super personalized and customized, this service is not the best choice as options to do this are quite limited compared to other platforms. 

  • Not good for artists and creative people. GoDaddy will be perfect for people who offer services or functional products. 


The Most Common Questions You Probably Want to Ask


Choosing the perfect site builder that will meet all your requirement regarding pricing, functionality and visuality as well as will suit your main purpose is never easy. In addition to the most recommended website creator, we have answered all the most common question that can still bother you. 


What small business website builder is the easiest to use?


The good news is that you don’t need to have the special technical knowledge or know the coding languages as all these site makers mentioned above are available for people with different professional background. However, it’s worth to be said that Wix builder is the easiest one. It will take much less time to get an understanding of the interface and finish your site. If you decided to opt for another site builder, we would recommend you to try both of them and then decide which one is the easiest and suits your professional purpose more. Trial versions are a great way to do this. Make your final decision wisely. 


Which is the most affordable website builder?


Comparing to the expenses, you would spend on hiring a qualified designer. All site makers are very cheap. Squarespace is the most pricey creator in this guide. If you have a tight budget and want to combine great design solutions along with functionality and the reasonable price, then Wix or Weebly are the top recommendations. 1&1 has the cheapest plan of $1 per month, but remember that this offer is valid only during your first year of subscription. Then the price will be much higher. In comparison with Wix, this builder has more limited features and template designs. Don’t make snap decisions and think twice. 


Which website maker has the best templates?


Squarespace is a platform that is oriented towards creative people in creative industries. There are plenty of mind-blowing template designs. Wix will suit most people working in different career fields. You will be able to find stunning, simple or minimal designs. 1&1 or GoDaddy will be both perfect for people growing their eCommerce or offering professional services. 


Which website builder is best on mobile?


Your customers must be able to check out your website at any time from any device they ever want. A good and professional site is a mobile responsive one. Wix and Squarespace are two of the best builders that offer many different mobile-responsive templates for the comfort and comfort of your future client. With them, your site will look impeccable on any device, whether it’s a laptop or smartphone. 


How much time does it take to build a small business website?


Technologies are evolving at a breathtaking pace. They are called to make our daily lives easier. With the advent of huge amount of site creators, there is no need for you anymore to overpay for professional services of a qualified designer and wait too long to get your website ready while your competitors are attracting your potential customers. Now you can create a site on your own super fast. All platforms listed in this article are considered the most convenient and fast as they all have an intuitive and relatively easy interface that will allow you to create a website from scratch just in a few hours. 

Now with all that you have learned about builders for small business, it won’t be a problem for you to choose a perfect one, create a great site and start penetrating the market and attracting new clients. All of these site makers will make your life easier, allow you to save money, time, energy and focus more on business solutions that will help your clientele grow constantly. 

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