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Cheap website builders – best solutions in 2019

Every businessman, blogger, salesperson or another future owner of a site strives to get online for as little cost as possible – if he or she has a head on one’s shoulders. It is good to be based on the principle of economy, as it is expedient economically. 

There are some cheap site builders over there. In today’s article, we are going to consider their strong sides, cons, and pricing. You should know, however, that the cheapest run of the site is far not always expedient from the point of view of limitations in functionality that such run provides. For instance, a free run may give you only some bad-looking domain name, bandwidth and online storage space limited, some basic SEO, no sales online, no blogging, and no monetization. Similarly to this, some low-cost offers of site builders of the market can also be hugely limited, giving you nearly the same as you receive for no money, with a few insignificant advancements, like broader access to templates and the absence of bigger storage space. So, to make your site thriving and really gaining momentum, in most cases, you are going to resort to mid-cost or high-cost plans of subscription of this or that site builder.

We will consider the pricing of not only lowest-cost plans but also others and will make some comparisons in order to let you see why and when cheap is not the best option for you. Let’s go. 


Introduction to the world of cheap website builders

Cheap site builders are the online tools (builders), which allow people to create cheap custom websites online, host, run, and change them when needed. Being online is a wonderful way to speak about self to other people and to expect to be heard. You can organize your site in multiple forms. Just to give you an idea of how many types of sites can be arranged, we submit the following  list – to make it clear that the cheapest website builder is a gorgeous builder for everyone who needs to get online: archive, biopic, blog, brochure, business and business directory, celebrity site, click-to-donate website, community forum, comparison shopping website, corporate, crowdfunding, e-commerce, educational, games, informational, media, microblog website, mobile apps website, non-profit, personal, photo and data sharing website, portal, portfolio website, resume, web portal & wiki.

Now, as you know, how many opportunities are open to you, you can estimate why site builders are not always the best case for everyone:

  1. Not the best conditions – there may be limitations on the storage, bandwidth, the number of pages, as well as elements positioned on those pages (like pictures, buttons, width and length, even possible screen resolutions), friendliness to mobile screens, access to help center and SEO, marketing tools and others.

  2. The domain name in often-met cases is not given as granted in the low-cost or no-cost run and so you have to buy it additionally. What is given to you is a branded name always highlighting the name of your cheap website builder and frequently saying that this is a no-cost name. This is not good neither for SEO nor for the assuredness of your visitors in the website’s classiness.

  3. You almost never can sell goods or services in the low/no-cost option. If you are allowed, then it may be considered a miracle and maybe only 1 item is going to be allowed with other limitations like the number of payment channels that you can accept payments through.

  4. Obtrusive commercial banners may be shown to your visitors (it is especially hateful in Wix site builder) – to get rid of them, it is often necessary to pay for an advanced option of subscription. 

On the bright side of site builders, they can largely economize your budget of being online and not all low-cost plans of the cheapest website are that intrusively limiting. 


The selection of eight cheap website builders

  1. Weebly

  2. Site123

  3. Wix


  5. Strikingly

  6. 1&1 IONOS

  7. Godaddy

  8. Squarespace


Sometimes, we are going to list the entire pricing of this or that cheap website development builder but it will not automatically happen in all cases – just because, logically, some plans are too costly to fall under the definition of ‘cheap’.


Weebly inexpensive websites builder 

This low-cost website builder is one of the primary choices because, unlike Wix, its close competitor, it treats its clients much better, has a better and more convenient interface, allows to dig into the HTML code, and offers fewer templates betting at their perfection, not quantity. It is also the solution because of the availability of a no-cost plan of running, as well as kinda cheap initial offers.


The pros of the site builder Weebly:

  1. You can run it for free.

  2. The high beauty of themes.

  3. Mobile-friendliness of all themes (tablet screens are supported as well).

  4. The online store starts with just 10 Euros a month – and continues with 20 and 30, giving significantly better options. 

  5. Drag-and-drop functionality is going to be loved by you.

  6. Easy and mid-complex websites are fully built within one day, sometimes, even within hours.


Weaknesses of the best cheap website builder Weebly:

  1. There are many limitations in the two lowest plans considering features, SEO, the assistance of the help center, storage, bandwidth, and others.

  2. In the free plan, it is impossible to have a good-looking custom domain name, even impossible to connect one if you already have bought it elsewhere.

  3. Great features start with 10 Euros a month minimum.


The cost of cheap website builder Weebly:

  1. Free.

  2. €5 is giving you a custom domain (if paid for 12 months of usage of this package), limited bandwidth and storage, and others, which makes this option almost same-looking as the free run.

  3. If you want any good functionality, pay €10 a month – not only it becomes possible to sell some amount of merchandise but also you get better SEO & assistance of the help center. 

  4. 20 and 30 Euros a month are going to improve the power of your web store. The only difference between 20- and 30-euro plans, that the latter adds the possibility to manage abandoned carts in an online store.


Site123 site builder 

You can use this low-cost website designing service to make a simple and neat website. It’s a pity that a big problem of the pricing is that it deceives you in it. It shows 2 plans in its pricing page, while actually, these are not the plans that are offered, and these two do not coincide with 4 plans that it actually has.


The pros of the builder Site123:

  1. Nice design features for simple websites.

  2. A possibility of a free run.

  3. It is possible to switch plans any time.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder Site123:

  1. Unclear pricing.

  2. Cannot download a website in wholeness to work with it offline or to migrate elsewhere.


The cost of cheap website builder Site123:

  1. The free run (which is the cheapest way to make a website) provides you 1 Gb of bandwidth, two times lesser storage, and a branded subdomain. 

  2. The ‘Premium’ package offers a free custom domain (when you pay for 1 year in a go), storage of 10 Gigabytes, bandwidth equal to 5 Gigabytes, there will be no commercials of an inexpensive website builder on your webpages, it’ll be possible to connect own domain (if you have one bought elsewhere), and a possibility to be engaged into e-commerce. Also, it is said in its FAQ that a custom domain is connected to the website if you pay $129.60 dollars upfront as 1 payment. 

  3. However, reading the FAQ section further, it becomes clear that not these two packages are offered by the tool but four others: ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Gold’. Also, the ‘Basic’ plan does not offer the option of e-mail attached to the site.


Wix site builder 

Wix is a cheap solution but it does not offer a free run normally. Why we say ‘normally’? Because, obviously, there is a free run but it is not accessible in all territories of the world. Thus, we are going to tell you based on what it offers in the US and in Europe. 


The pros of the best low-cost website builder Wix:

  1. A possibility to create powerful websites thanks to own App Store and a few app centers like Wix for restaurants (with a possibility to update menus online and to show it to visitors through the Internet), Wix for music makers (who are able to sell music online through Wix’s center), and other things.

  2. Several hundreds of templates – bust most users agree that disregarding similarly looking ones, the actual number of themes is maybe around a hundred or lesser.

  3. Artificial Design Intelligence – a very advanced setup wizard, which is going to make a website for you within minutes.

  4. It is possible to run a website for $4.50 a month.


The top-rated weaknesses of the inexpensive websites maker Wix:

  1. When you visit the pricing page of this low-cost website builder too often, comparing it with other builders, it simply closes the access to your device to it, showing a blank page. Whilst it continues working on other devices that you have, it becomes obvious that Wix doesn’t want some single device access their website for too many times (violating the general idea of the Internet itself), and it remembers the device based on a unique motherboard identifier, which is impossible to change with a small blood.

  2. Wix deceives its users saying about ‘over a hundred million users of their services’, while it becomes clear from the open sources that the real count is not more than 5 million and can be even significantly lesser.

  3. The pricing globally changes depending on a territory you are opening the pricing page – thus, the initial $4.50 plan may cost $1.85 in Asia, $4.50 in the US, and €4.50 in the UK.

  4. There is no possibility to change source code – only to add pieces of it when integrating with some app.

  5. A lot of apps from its store, as well as a lot of themes from its theme set, are paid.

  6. Depending on the selection of paid options of this builder, the setup and running monthly cost may be significantly bigger than just the monthly package subscription.

  7. There is a need for heftily speedy Internet connection and really powerful PC to work smoothly (in countries with poor quality of Internet like Myanmar, Lao, and akin, one will not be able to work normally with this builder – we’ve been there and tried on our own).

  8. Storage is always limited, in every subscription.

  9. Not automatic friendliness to mobile and tablet screens in all templates.

  10. No possibility to download the website entirely if you would like to migrate.

  11. Can’t change the template after you go live with the website.


The cost of cheap website builder Wix:

For the US version, Wix cheap website maker offers the pricing in dollars. For European users, the same amounts are applied, only in Euros. For instance, the US users will see a plan equal to $4.50 a month, while Europeans are seeing €4.50 a month.

The ‘Connect Domain’ for $4.50 a month is probably, the cheapest way to create a website among the high-profile builders, and shows a lot of commercial of this cheap website creator all over your webpages, gives only 500 Mb of storage and 1 Gb bandwidth. Considering that a typical page of a best low-cost website builder Wix takes about 1 Mb of data, your bandwidth will be depleted just by viewing one thousand pages. You can, however, connect your own domain in this plan (but buy it from Wix or from another place, as it is not given as granted for this money).

‘Combo’ for $8.50 gives twofold bandwidth, 6 times bigger storage, a free domain (when paid for a year), no branded ads on your pages, and a favicon of your website, not Wix’s.

Paying $12.50 for ‘Unlimited’, you can slightly open your eyes seeing the world around you – obtaining everything mentioned in the previous subscription plan + no limits in bandwidth, 10 Gb storage, and some free advertising money.

The plan for $16.50 a month called “eCommerce” rises the storage twofold compared to the previous and gives additionally a possibility to sell. 

$24.50 a month for a pack called ‘VIP’ give the same as the previous plus 10 mailing monthly campaigns, and a possibility to pass your website to a professional review to receive the number of advice from him/her.

E-commerce packages come additionally and cost you from 17 to 35 dollars a month. cheapest way to build a website 

This cheapest way to have a website is considered a ‘smaller brother’ of, having general lesser power. However, it is a frequent choice of many beginners and even professionals because here, they do not have to code and worry about every single technical aspect of making and running a website. is solely the system for pros, where coding skills are required strongly (and a few regular people can deal with its PHP code, which differs from HTML). So there, either you resort to the assistance of some third-party web coder or either you are going to start a website on your own. Here, in, things are as easy as in every other WYSIWYG site builder – using the drag-and-drop function, you can answer the question of how to make a cheap website with confidence.


The pros of the cheapest way to start a website 

  1. You can run it for free but, should you need more power, just opt for initial low-cost options starting from 3 Euros a month only. Greater power comes for 8 Euros a month.

  2. The drag-and-drop interface is beginner-friendly.

  3. Nice set of cheap website templates and connectible features.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder

  1. Not as powerful as the ‘big bro’

  2. Not complete freedom of adjustment of pages.

  3. Does not work on all territories of the world’s globe.

  4. Monetization comes only with 8-euro package, not lesser.


The cost of cheap website builder

  1. In addition to the free run, there are a number of packages, starting from 3 Euros – you receive a domain in ‘.blog’ zone, e-mail support of the help center, storage equal to 6 Gb, no ads like in the free run, and better designs.

  2. 5 Euros include the mentioned + a great-looking domain name, design & feature list widens, support becomes even more alluring.  

  3. From 8 to 45 Euros a month, get largely increased powers of the site, including a store, monetization, advanced reporting, SEO, free advert money, and other stuff.


Strikingly cheap website builder 

Unless you are a fan of 1-page websites, Strikingly best inexpensive website builder is not going to be the best solution, though. Being the representatives of an ‘old school’ and people with rational thinking, we stick to regular websites with many pages. You can have this option too – paying at least 7 dollars a month for ‘Pro’ pack (the regular price is $12 for this package but it becomes lower when paid for bigger time, like 5 years with one payment).


The pros of the cheap website developer Strikingly:

  1. This is the only decent builder, using which, you can sell online for free – but not so many products as it would be possible with a regular online store. 

  2. Protect a website with a password.

  3. Free running is possible.

  4. Edit HTML & CSS.

  5. Any storage and bandwidth in its high-cost plans.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder Strikingly:

  1. 1-page websites are not great for all purposes.

  2. Tangled creating process with a lot of unnecessary clicking, which is avoided in a number of other site builders. 


The cost of the least expensive website builder Strikingly:

  1. Free.

  2. ‘Limited’ costs from 7 to 12 dollars a month – depending on the chosen payment length.

  3. ‘Pro’ is from $11.20 to $20. 

  4. ‘VIP’ is from $34.40 to $49 a month. 

  5. Want a custom mail named after your website’s domain name? It’ll cost ya $25 a year.


1&1 IONOS cheap website builder 

1&1 IONOS is not regularly cheap – but as of August of 2019, it has a promo offer equal to 1 dollar per 1 month of usage – but when it ends, its cost rises to $5 monthly.


The pros of the cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

  1. Multilingual websites are created with ease, not like in other site builders.

  2. Connect to social media easily thanks to widgets.

  3. Nice templates, every one of which looks modern.

  4. Just a good set of features to create regular websites – nothing you wouldn’t find in other site builders.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

  1. The greatest value for money is only so when we’re talking about a promo price.

  2. Quite low flexibility of customization of pages.

  3. The help center leaves the desire to be better.


The cost of cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

As the 1-dollar promo ends, it’ll cost $5 a month. Other regular plans go for 15, 25, and 45 dollars. Why pay $45 a month for a regular-power web store if you can receive much better one with Shopify for 29 US dollars?


Godaddy cheap website builder 

Choose this online software if you are not satisfied with the short trial periods other site builders provide: it gives you 30 days of the free run of its packages. Deciding to buy at once you register, you’ll have those 30 days added to your main account – thus, buying for 1 year, you automatically receive 13 months. 

This is a nice way to get online swiftly. Do not expect to receive any high sophistication from this builder – it is not for that, it’s just for regular and easy websites, which, however, cover the needs of the biggest half of users.


The pros of the cheap website builder Godaddy:

  1. Get online fast.

  2. Free SSL.

  3. Friendly for users-beginners.

  4. Round-the-clock working support, which does not require you to wait for the day(s) to be answered during the business hours only.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder Godaddy:

  1. It seems that this cheap website building tool has sacrificed its flexibility to make it possible to create websites fast and easy for everyone. If you happen to need high sophistication – well, resort to some other builder.

  2. Despite the fact of the 24/7/365-working help center, its quality is low.


The cost of cheap website builder Godaddy:

$5.99 is to start your online motion. $9.99 is to continue it with a better SEO and payment option of PayPal. $14.99 a month will open for you marketing tools, professional connection to social media, inclusion into the business listing, and a possibility to schedule appointments online through the calendar.

Finally, $19.99 is the way to be packed with a number of cool features such as online store and shopping, sell via Amazon & eBay, connect to many great payment channels, make and change your own promos & discounts, calculate applicable shipping options and taxes, and govern the abandoned cart. 

The price mentioned above for every package is actual only when paid for a year. A month-to-month payment may change the prices to the bigger side.


Squarespace cheap website builder 

If you love beauty – Squarespace is your selection. 


The pros of the website builder Squarespace:

  1. Great cheap e-commerce website designs of a number of highly customizable templates.

  2. Fabulous support center, which solves every issue.

  3. No limits in every package: get as many hosting space and bandwidth as you want, along with free SSL, quite good SEO, the number of pages, apps to integrate with, no ads on your webpages, and akin.


Weaknesses of the cheap website builder Squarespace:

  1. Not possible to run for free.

  2. The unusual interface differs from the rest of site builders, and its drag-and-drop is not quite what one expects.


The cost of cheap website builder Squarespace:

$12, $18, $26, and $40 are the plans, which can be if you pay for a year. If paid month-to-month, the price increases by 25%. Also, the free domain name is only an actual offer if paid year-to-year, not month-to-month.


As a conclusion

There are different site builders. Some suit your needs, some don’t. We advise you to take a close glance at every builder from its home page, read more about the filling of the plans, and then to run it during a free trial with your hands – just to make sure that this cheap websites builder is felt like your answer to the question, ‘what is the most inexpensive way to make a professional website?’

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