Drag And Drop Website Builders

What is drag and drop? 


The drag-and-drop term is utilized to explain the process of choosing the item or a part of a document, dragging it, and dropping to the additional space. For instance, to implement the drag-and-drop feature to the issue, you should primarily run the mouse pointer above it. Afterward, you should push and withhold the left-click, shift it to the item to the appropriate position, and free the button to install it. The drag and drop website builder is the instrument which permits anybody, who has the Internet appliance, to build their site.

How Does Drag And Drop Work?

It doesn’t call for composing a code, as well as acquire skill in CSS to create a drag-and-drop website. Users should pick a standard template and pull the ready-made items wherever he wishes. 

Implementing the drag-and-drop feature to the item shifts it to another position, but not replicates it. Drag and dropping option both a notepad and a mobile device implies the following steps. At first, you should place the application or a file you would like to shift. Then, push the item for a while. Finally, glide the forefinger over the screen unless the element is positioned correctly, and free the finger then. 

A user may locate the items, comprising gaps, splitters, ground pictures, custom-made headlines, toolkit, and footers. Every item is merely discarded on the web page the way the user wishes. He may also add numerous web pages, and the total procedure will take a couple of hours. The majority of designs are flexible so that a user may be ascertained concerning his website’s mobile-friendliness. 

Why Is ‘Drag And Drop’ So Important For Website Builders? 

Undoubtedly, each enterprise demands a website. A customer may obtain the site applying to pro web designers or create it himself, utilizing a free drag and drop website builder. The prior option may assist the customer with attaining a popular website’s interface, though the latest one is generally cheaper and faster. In case a customer launches a small-scaled company, it would be more advantageous for him to obtain a website rather than make it ideal from the first time. 

There are multiple instruments that the user may apply to make a dynamic website. It is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget and can’t afford themselves a professional web developer. Although, it obstructs the process of picking the best drag and drop website builder for the entrepreneur’s business.

In the process of creating a business website, customers wish somewhat, which doesn’t demand plenty of time to understand the framework. The business person’s center of attention is in developing the enterprise, and corresponding the clients’ requirements. When they are compelled to wasting time on the coding examination, they may omit further chances, which are better worth the businessmen’s consideration. It is a solid argument why drag and drop website builders got public within the business communities.



1&1 Ionos is a comparatively unexceptional platform when considering the output assortment, money rate, and customers’ support. This drag and drop website builder is all about the perplexing proposals, costs which may vary in successive proceeds’ series, customers’ help that is unachievable. 1&1 Ionos is an excellent pitch for online turns. The long-term remaining in a progressively changing merchandise is a breakthrough itself, apart from becoming one of the most substantial worldwide players. 

In case some require either a custom or a business website creator, this drag and drop website builder software has two lines of output: the ‘Web hosting’ and the ‘WordPress hosting’. 

This drag-and-drop site builder has three tariff plans. The least expensive one costs $4 per month. The price of a business is $8 per month, and the expert package costs $14 per month. Each tariff plan comprises the SSL encryption, as well as a free-of-charge domain name.



  • The ultra-modern equipment: the thousands of mighty servers in dozens of processing centers both in the USA and Europe. Established and controlled by 1&1 Ionos without any outsource; 
  • Top-rated safety norms in software and hardware extents. Any European processing center owns an ISO 27001:2013 certification; 
  • Full customer website’s accessibility and speediness;
  • The adaptable grading system to improve the productivity of the server: a user may attach additional handling might or storage in one click and receive invoices daily; 
  • In case it subsequently seems to a user that other sources are redundant, reducing the rankings is simple as well;
  • Several of the most profitable Wordpress packages for hosting, comprising a rapid SSD portfolio storage user may obtain anywhere on the Internet;
  • Every customer is provided with a private helper to assist with any issues. Whereas the character of assistance is yet to get advanced, this is undoubtedly an optimistic forthcoming considering a substantial global hosting contributor; 
  • SSL encryption is included to every hosting layout, permitting the customers to secure the site;
  • An integral CDN including several hosting arrangements: the customer’s website is mechanically divided between some processing centers. Therefore, it supplies the loading speed of web pages inconsiderable of the customer’s current location; 



  • Whereas the drag-and-drop website builder is rather contemporary comparable to corresponding offers, it works slower than some free-of-charge drag-and-drop website builders;
  • Unique made-to-order hosting dashboard is clear, although it is not an accustomed cPanel. Therefore, if some got used to applying to ordinary admins, they will have to deal with an entirely diverse one; 
  • The procedure of making a user account is yet to be simplified. Notably, the private information form that is composed primarily of a zip code and mailing address. Moreover, they are maintained once a customer has fulfilled a contact form; 
  • The live chat option is missing. However, it could be an excellent option besides applying to private helper; 
  • As long as several of identical offers are repacked to different products, the assortment of output seems quite bloated.


Jimdo Creator

This particular drag-and-drop website builder springs from such a crucial concept: “User-friendliness by any means”. Jimdo Creator contributed to creating millions of websites. What is more, it aspires to take down any obstacles to allow customers to create the website.
The platform is considered to be classified among the leading drag and drop websites globally. Moreover, it is primarily caused by well-elaborated functions like Jimdo ecommerce shop. It takes a few minutes to customize it. Afterward, the store permits customers to receive both bookings and payments worldwide.
This drag-and-drop website builder’s team made sure that they didn't complicate the framework by incorporating new functions.
The application is free-of-charge, a customer may as well create a free of charge website using the Jimdo’s domain. Moreover, he may purchase the premium plan for $90 per year or a business plan for $240.


  • The application is smoothly designed; also it is user-friendly. The amount of features is restricted that labels the application as straightforward to work with; 
  • User may import any broadcasts from YouTube to their Jimdo-produced websites;
  • The blog modifying feature is integrated into the app. Therefore, this drag-and-drop website builder is an excellent option for customers who require both a blog and a custom site; 
  • On purchased packages, customers may watch their site’s productivity with the help of application analytics and with Google Analytics; 
  • Jimdo-made sites get mobile-friendly automatically; 
  • The websites produced by this drag-and-drop site builder load pretty quickly;
  • Customers may build a site from scratch and adjust it further utilizing the application.


  • The content’s multiplicity is considered to be on the average level. It is also insubstantial concerning the desktop form of Jimdo Creator; 
  • Most of this site builder’s recommendations on how to make perfect site neglect the fact that some customers may edit the website on the PC. Therefore, the iOS application restrictions are not considered here; 
  • Several of templates look inappropriate on smartphones as they can only be customized for desktop versions.




This drag-and-drop website builder is considered to be a newcomer on the market. However, it has already become well-known among its contestants. This platform aims to build ideal websites without any computer programming awareness. Therefore, the site builder is catching both for entrepreneurs and retailers. The representative cases are landing pages and portfolios, where the customers may display all the data on a single web page. What is more, they may also build a blog and an e-commerce shop.
The website builder offers four tariff plans:

  1. The free one is an excellent option for those who want to test whether the editor is good at work;
  2. The limited one comprises both the domain name and an e-commerce shop with five compounds. However, it includes adverts. Its cost is $8; 
  3. The Pro tariff plan costs $16 and offers the password security, as well as the website search feature;
  4. The VIP plan’s price is $49. It comprises a newsletter instrument and mobile phone assistance in the English language. 



  • The templates are contemporary and are performed well both on a desktop version and a mobile device. Furthermore, customers may attach the call-to-action button considering the mobile version of their website;
  • The login plan is free-of-charge. Therefore, it permits users to build a standard website, as well as experience this site builder’s major options; 
  • The site builder has a well-arranged drag-and-drop option. The Strikingly-produced application allows for editing the website using a smartphone;
  • A customer may adjust the templates without losing the contents;
  • The platform may be integrated with Google Analytics;
  • The site builder appears to have top-rated customers’ assistance. Their support center is rapid, user-friendly, and operative.


  • In case some needs a multi-page drag-and-drop website, he is compelled to purchasing the premium tariff plan;
  • The site builder concentrates on landing page patterns. Therefore, the designs’ range is limited; 
  • The website translation feature is missing;
  • Customers can’t hope for obtaining the prominent SEO results as long as the contents are demonstrated on a landing page. To make functional content, customers should get a Pro tariff plan. It permits to optimize every web page for a new keyword.


Site 123


This site builder is full-featured, it offers everything for the creation and improving the website. Furthermore, it is a rapidly developing and unaided platform, which is considered to be the most intuitive and user-friendly on the merchandise. 

This platform is free-of-charge. The output is supplied without charge and comprises both hosting and fully functional editor. There is neither trial period nor obligations here. In case a customer requires a personalized domain name, he will be compelled to paying $10.8 monthly. 

The site builder's premium package cost $10.8 per month. This plan comprises a free-of-charge domain name for one year or the capacity to attach the domain, 5 Gb of the frequency range, 10 Gb of memory, as well as the power to transmit hundreds of messages monthly. 



  • Comparably to the contestants, these web developers have aimed their attention at simplicity and speediness by supplying the ready-made patterns and themes so that users may concentrate only on the contents; 
  • Alternatively, to performing like an ordinary drag-and-drop site builder, this platform admits customers to choose the niche and modify the pattern to personal expectations afterward;
  • Signing up for Site 123 is a straightforward, three steps procedure which is profitable and easy to comprehend; 
  • The platform offers clear gradual instruction on how to personalize the appointed design. Therefore, it is an excellent option for humans who have never created a website; 
  • Customers may pick the elements out of toolkit to modify the sketch inside the determined theme;
  • The website's template is optimized for mobile devices and handles an agreeable outline regardless of what a customer does with the sketch features;
  • The site builder supplies some extensions from promoting the operating system to statistics instruments. Moreover, it has a substantial listing of output integrations.



  • Comparably to the contestants, Site 123 is high-priced, though it supplies lesser. The platform doesn't admit free frequency range or memory on any plan. Site 123 is not profitable at self-hosting;
  • In case a customer is not satisfied with the appointed design, it is issuing to adjust it. If he wishes to go out of the ordinary frame, he is pretty restrained with this platform. It is only achievable to modify fonts, as well as the common framework of the sketch. With web pages, a customer may exclusively pick particular templates from the ready-made options. Although it is unattainable to adjust the model. There is no drag-and-drop option here; 
  • A customer is restrained in how much they may integrate with Site 123, attach, and modify using the instruments given. As far as SEO is concerned, it is only accessible to adjoin the website motto, meta description, and the headlines. However, it is not enough to get significant SEO-results;
  • The platform is ambiguous considering its story and the calling off policy. The latter is quite contradictory as long as it encounters straight with the asserted issue of supplying a site download. The service ought to have an innate capacity to be called off at one click. 




The drag-and-drop platform appears to grow daily, comprising its multiple applications. It admits creating a pro website with no utilizing of programming techniques. Moreover, customers may adjust the website effortlessly owing to the user-friendly CMS. 

The site builder supplies four periodical financing options, split into two kinds of tariff plans: the custom website and the e-commerce shop. The Personal plan's price is $16, the business tariff plan costs $26, the basic package costs $30, and lastly, the advanced plan's price is $46. 

In case users pay in advance, the prices for all tariff plans equate impartially. Squarespace offers two tariff plans - personal and a business one. The Personal plan costs $12, the latter one - $18. The major problem with this site builder’s pricing is compared to non-exclusive solutions is their limitations. 



  • Customers may import their patterns. However, the platform supplies a substantial amount of attractive and catching designs. Almost every Squarespace's project demands professional high-performance pictures;
  • The power-driven model. Squarespace creates an attractive brand in their advertisements and expands it to user-friendliness; 
  • The integral drag-and-drop site builder. All the functions of Squarespace are embedded. There are no problems or issues that go beyond their customer assistance;



  • The Squarespace’s SEO features temporary demand solutions for customers to obtain the appropriate metadata;
  • Any integration with Facebook or Google Analytics is concealed within advanced tariff plans; 
  • The site builder is short of assistance for non-member applications and plugins.




Weebly is an excellent option considering the multipurpose drag-and-drop website builders. Furthermore, they supply profitable pricing, solid functionality, and user-friendliness. There are also multiple compromises for utilizing the all-in-one platform. 

The general rate is conflicting not exclusively comparably to all-in-one drag-and-drop website builders, but as well with purchasing the hosting. The Starter tariff plan costs $8 per month, whereas the Pro plan’s price is $12. Payments should be proceeded upfront.


  • This drag-and-drop site builder supplies hosting for every website performed on Weebly. The web pages load rapidly. Moreover, the platform deals with its websites’ safety from cyberpunks and junk mails; 
  • The platform sets and supports the SSL encryption on the paid plans;
  • Users don’t require to use HTML or CSS coding. The platform supplies the drag-and-drop feature. Customers are provided with access to a CSS module so that they may modify the pattern.



  • Weak CMS to work with. In case a customer needs a large-scale website, the Weebly content will require a customized framework so that everything is picked out and easily approachable;
  • The major problem for Weebly customers doesn’t possess the FTP access to their files. It should be considered when scheduling a semipermanent project;
  • Settling to another drag-and-drop site builder is issuing. Resettling the contents and redirecting the existing web addresses will be quite a troublesome procedure.




The platform owns a notorious label within the website building landscape. It has been the first platform to supply a fully functional website creation without demanding coding knowledge. Wix guarantees total commodity with integral instruments for site developers. 

The site builder supplies a free-of-charge tariff plan in case a customer doesn’t mind being located on Wix subdomain. The programs are not profitable, although they are quite worthy considering the long-run projects. 



  • Website’s customization and arrangement. The back end and general styling are dynamic at heart. It is straightforward and intuitive to utilize. The drag-and-drop feature is top-rated here;
  • The site builder supplies a substantial amount of contemporary templates. Moreover, in contradistinction to Squarespace, it primarily doesn’t request for professional pictures to appear attractive; 
  • All websites are placed at local servers. The web developers take care of ensuring users’ websites load rapidly. Furthermore, the developers are responsible for the hosted website’s safety; 



  • The site builder has launched the Application Market to provide access to separate consonant applications to Wix shopkeepers. However, the forms are not genuine. The majority of them are the Iframes; 
  • SEO optimization for increasing drag-and-drop sites. The Wix supplies Flash to self-produced websites that are considered to be a total bane for any SEO expert;
  • The mechanical restrictions and progressive marketing instruments. In case a customer requires to adjust new coding that Wix doesn’t supply, it may be troublesome. It is unachievable to attach new pixels, the retargeting instruments, and conventional sharing snaps. 


To conclude, alongside the convenient drag-and-drop editors, any platform listed above comprise multiple profitable features. Primarily, they supply the custom-made patterns which could help a customer to launch his website rapidly. Surely, customers may adjust the designs according to the rules of their projects. Furthermore, all the drag-and-drop platforms offer integrated services, SEO instruments, statistics, and whatever users require to meet the standards of the contemporary mobile-friendly web page. What is more, several of drag-and-drop website builders offer artificial intelligence editor who can accomplish the customer’s tasks. Lastly, users may create their drag-and-drop website in a few minutes by applying to the listed drag-and-drop website builders. 

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