What Are the Best Builders for Top eCommerce Sites?

You’ve already decided that you will use a site builder to create your eCommerce site and you probably have a good idea of what it should be. At this point, you should have a clear picture of the features that are most important as these will help you make the right decision.

However, eCommerce website builders are too many, with many of them being excellent and quite competitive. This makes your decision more difficult, but there is an easy way around it. Many of these builders there are a few things that they do well and a few cons. You have to decide what is more critical for you and your users.

In this article, you will get a full explanation of the best eCommerce builders and how to know what is best for your business. 

Which Are the Best Site Builders for eCommerce Solutions?

Other than the features that you need in your new site, the other thing you need to consider is ease of use. This applies both to you and your customers. The builder needs to be easy to deploy, edit, and make changes as well as provide what you need to make your job easier. The following are the top eCommerce sites.

Shopify eCommerce Software

It is arguably one of the best e Commerce sites since it has everything you need to create and manage your site. There are currently more than 800,000 online stores on Shopify, so you know that this builder won’t disappoint you.

The user interface in Shopify is so simple that you don’t need any prior experience to navigate. Creating your pages is simple thanks to the drag and drop feature. You can create any number of pages that you need for your store without limitation. You can also access hundreds of beautiful themes to suit your store from the site. Many of these options are free, so you don’t need to pay extra although there are a few paid ones.

Shopify gives you a straightforward way to manage your store by giving you all the tools you need for that. The best thing about it is that it is not only a building an eCommerce website, but you can host your site, so it is an all in one store. You can subscribe to any of their plans for just $26 per year up to $266 for the more advanced subscription. It will cost extra for a domain name but if you have one you don’t need to purchase it.

It allows you to sell your products through multiple social media and other best eCommerce platforms. The best part is that you are provided with all accounting, payment, and shipping options to make it easier. If you choose to use Shopify’s payment and shipping solutions, you save yourself 2% extra charges.

Unfortunately, this 2% charge on every sale can cost you a lot of money in the long run, so that is one downside. Other than that the blogging services are not the best; hence, you don’t have much to work with. It is also not the best for multilingual pages on top eCommerce sites.


It is a great eCommerce website maker for small businesses that want a great site but don’t have coding skills. It has dramatically enhanced its e-Commerce editor to give you more options for your online store.

Building the site is quite fast and straightforward since it is drag and drop. There are many themes on offer for free while some of them are paid you need to know what you want. On Weebly, you need to pay more attention to the initial theme that you choose. This is because while you can edit the layout, it only changes a few aspects, so for the more significant part, it will remain more or less the same.

If you have an online store, then you should go for the business plan since it offers you more than what you get with the pro one. Pricing for the business subscription is only $25 a month, and it gives you a free domain and Adword credit up to $100. This gives you a lot to work with upfront and at a cheap cost.

It is an excellent option whether you are selling physical goods or services since there is enough provision for display and description. Unlike Shopify, you get more options in terms of shipping and payment at no extra cost, so your customers are all taken care of. Unfortunately, they don’t offer offline transaction options so it can only be a card or PayPal payments.

You get to upload several photos and videos of the same product. You get full customization apart from the layout, which is more complicated than other sites. Sharing to social media sites is easy since you get provision for that as well.

Squarespace eCommerce Solutions

This is another great all-in-one option builder for your site, but it is more suitable for small to mid-sized stores. Everything about the site from the interface to the features offered is pretty simple and straightforward so that you can do it all yourself.

You get various templates to use, and since it is drag and drop, you can customize your site to fit your needs. You can choose any model, and the best part is that they are grouped so you can quickly find what you want. However, the options aren’t too many if you're going to create a non-conventional site. 

One of the unique features about Squarespace is the fact that you get to change the layout without using anything you’ve already added. You can try out this and many more features using the 14-day free trial that you get so you have a better idea whether it is suitable for you.

Since it is a fully-integrated builder, everything is provided, but there are a few downsides on this. They don’t have a limit for sales, but they do deduct 3% off every purchase which can be quite costly. However, 3% only applies when you choose the business plan, which is $18. Their basic idea is $26 without the extra charges so it would be the best option.

It has social media integration so your users can purchase any of the products without having to log into the site. A disadvantage is that it has minimal SEO tools, so if you want the better rating, the other builders provided in this list would be better. 

WordPress & WooCommerce Best eCommerce Sites

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, so if you would like to use it, you first need to get WordPress, which is mainly for content management. So you will use WP to build your site then install the WooCommerce plugin which gives you access to eCommerce services. 

The WordPress builder doesn’t provide domain and hosting services so you will need to get these on your own. The great thing about the platform is that it gives you more options. WP has one some of the highest numbers of themes and layouts available, so your options are unlimited. However, it is not as easy, and you may need some help getting the best out of them, but it isn’t anything too significant.

WooCommerce is a free plugin you only have to pay for some extensions, and it will enable you to receive payment for what you offer. The great thing about using WP builder is that if you are interested in blogging about your products, it gives you everything you need. 

For the store, the best thing to do is to get an excellent host since WP support is not the best. For that reason, you should use premium themes. These are easier to work with, especially if you have little to no experience. There are a few added costs with the platform, but it is nothing too huge.

Wix eCommerce Builder

It is by far the most natural builder to work with since everything is provided for you and thanks to Wix ADI you can create a whole site by answering some questions. It enables you to give a few of the essential things for you and takes care of the rest.

Wix allows you to try it out for free so you get the experience of working in it without buying or subscribing to anything. It gives you a few free templates to get you started, which are image intensive, so they are great if you are particular about that. However, it is an excellent site for small and mid-size stores only.

The basic plan costs only $23 and offers you everything the VIP subscription does apart from the email marketing plan. When editing your site and you need something that isn’t provided, you can access the app market. Here you get additional features that you may need for your eCommerce site. 

You have provision to sell both physical and digital goods and services. You are free to use any payment options that you want at no extra cost. Additionally, there are no incurred fees on sales so you can maximize on that and in turn, impact your profits. Unfortunately, fast shipping is only available within the US using USPS so you may need a different option for your other clients.

BigCommerce eCommerce Platform

According to BigCommerce, their system guarantees you every single feature that you could need to create and manage your online store. To get a feel for it, they offer a 15-day trial plan where you get to sample almost all the features that they have for you.

They offer both paid and free templates to get you started. As usual, it is better to pay extra for a model since not only is it more intuitive; customization is easier for you. For each template, you are provided with a review of how it will look both for desktops and mobile devices.

If you would like to promote your site, it couldn’t be easier with BigCommerce since it has an inbuilt marketing option. Your shoppers also benefit from a secure cart when they shop and an easy way of paying for the goods. The platform also offers a few SEO tools to help you rank better on search engines.

The basic plan costs about $30 monthly, and you get a 10% discount when you pay annually. You can also get a custom quote if you want their enterprise plan which gives you everything offered in the other options plus some additional one's custom to your site.

Adding products is accessible on the site, and it is even more comfortable when you have variants which you can add as many as you want. You also have the option to sync your site to social media sites as well as Amazon, so you have unlimited options. In case you need some additional features, they provide several paid and free plugins for you to customize your site as you like.

One disadvantage is that they have an annual sales threshold, so if your sales exceed what is provided, your subscription is automatically upgraded. Also, their content creation platform isn’t the best, and you have limited options. However, it is an excellent platform for both large and small stores.

Magento eCommerce Website

It is an open-source hosting, so if you want full control over your customization, then it is the best to have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide hosting, so you need to get your hosting service, as well as you, own domain.

While Magento provides you with a lot of options on how your site will turn out, it is quite complicated. You require a higher skill level to manage to create and operating your site; however, once you have the hang of it, it becomes more straightforward.

It is very little to no support provided by the platform, so if you encounter any issues, you don’t have too many options. There is no live chat available, and that is why you need to be keener on the hosting provider that you choose. 

You may need the help of a designer if you want an excellent site. The good thing about it is that if you can get some professional advice, you can turn your site into practically anything you want. You have access to both free and paid templates with the paid ones being more comfortable to use and generally offer more.

This is probably not the best do-it-yourself builder to use, but it is excellent if you didn’t want to do everything yourself. It offers a good number of features for your store, such as payment and promotional options. It also has the capacity for both large and small businesses.

Recap: Which eCommerce Software Is Best for You?

All these builders provide different services, and they are best only in certain situations. There is something for everyone, so you only need to find one that best takes care of what you need. Here is a quick look at all the different options and who they are most suitable for:


It is one of the easiest to use and offers the most options for an e-Commerce store. It works equally well for new-comers and experts because of the endless possibilities. The major downside is the 2% fee off every sale if you don’t use Shopify payment option.


It is the cheapest builder for your website since it is fully customizable, and you can quickly create your site from scratch. The subscription plans are affordable while offering a lot of features compared to competitors. Unfortunately, if you want a website with more than 30 pages, this is not the option for you.


It is easy and fast to build your website with no real knowledge. It, however, doesn’t offer as many features like other options such as Shopify. Because of this, it is most suitable for smaller businesses that are looking for a fully hosted service. It is an excellent plan if you are on a tight budget, but you want a few features to get you started.


This is the best builder if you want to work with a designer. It is challenging to create the whole site yourself without design or coding knowledge, so it is not great if this is what you need. Unfortunately, you also need to get your hosting and domain name. On the plus side is that it creates excellent websites that are great for small and large businesses alike.


If you want a simple and minimalist website, then Squarespace is suitable. The templates are quite excellent and that they are grouped according to categories makes them easier to use. There are very few restrictions offered, but it is a bit lacking in features such as SEO and taxation calculation.


It is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use Shopify, but you want similar, detailed features that it offers. If you are in a unique position to handle more upfront fees, then it will work out for you. The only big concern is that you will have to subscribe to costlier plans when you meet your sales threshold.

WordPress and WooCommerce

It is the cheapest option if you don’t consider that you need to get your hosting service. It is the best eCommerce website builder for small business that is just starting. It offers multiple themes and is excellent if you want to do it yourself. It requires some technical knowledge but nothing too significant so with a little help you can pull through.

Which One to Choose?

If it is options you need then you have them, there is something that would suit the kind of website that you want to create. The main thing to have in mind is the number of features that are most important to you. It is important to note that creating a website is not only about you and what you need but also your customers.

Consider how easy it will be for your clients to navigate through your site and find what they need. Once you have all of this, then remember to check the level of support offered. You should have someone to ask in case of any challenges. 

FAQs about the eCommerce Website Builder

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions by people looking for the best eCommerce website builder:

How to Build an eCommerce Website?

Once you decide on the kind of website you want and all the different features you want, a website builder is an easiest and fastest way to get it going. You can choose a great website builder then decide on which plan best covers your needs. Many of the builders allow for easy drag and drop creation, so many don’t require technical knowledge.

How Do You Set up an e Commerce Website?

Once you add all the photos and videos that you need in your pages, your website is ready to go live. You will need a way to market the site; many builders offer this option as well as SEO tools for better ranking.

What Will it Cost to Create eCommerce Website?

It can cost as little as $500 to $10,000 depending on whether you hire a developer to help. If you do it yourself, it can cost less than $500 to have a fully functional site. However, make sure you look out for additional costs such as hosting, domain, and other management costs that may arise.

How Do You Design an eCommerce Site?

All builders offer many templates to help you with the initial set up of the site. Many of these are free, but they have their challenges. If you want the best option, you can pay for the templates which are usually ready to use and are easier to customize. You can then add your photos and change it into what you had in mind.

How Do You Promote an e Commerce Website?

Many of the platforms have marketing tools to help you promote your store. You can link to your social media sites so your customers can better access it. 

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