Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

5 Best Website Builders
5 Best Website Builders
Review Score
Ease Of Use:9/10
Support:24/7 support
Design flexibility:7/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
Support:Live chat support
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9.5/10
Support:Help center
Design flexibility:8.5/10
Ease Of Use:10/10
Support:Support center
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:8.5/10
Support:Could Be Better
Design flexibility:8.0/10

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Each year we conduct Website Builder Reviews from the previous years to find the best website builder or the best business website builder that can easily create a nice, functional website quickly. View an At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for each right here!

These website builders require no software download and can easily be used online through your browser. When we do a Website Builder Review, we are also looking for the easiest to use Ecommerce Software Solution integrated with the website builder.

Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Every entrepreneur and owner of small and medium businesses have ever thought about creating a landing page or a brand website to increase the number of sales and brand awareness. There is no need to explain the importance of having a personal landing page or a full website in terms of attracting new clients or promoting a product. Having a personal website gives a number of significant advantages over your competitors in an extremely fast-changing world of nowaday technologies and digital opportunities. These advantages are the customers’ trust. Having an online business webpage is evidence of your product reliability. Also, it is a sign of high-level professionalism.

The personal website might be compared with a personal brand. It may have its own features that make it stand out in the crowd and be memorable as well. All of listed might be achieved with different implemented tools implemented in business website builders as templates, photos, and videos, scales, tables and fonts, appropriate style, format, design, print, etc.

Fortunately, there are a lot of free websites for small business and online platforms that can give a lot of free space for a creative process and significantly ease this process. They can even turn this process into a fun! It’s only about unlimited imagination!

The main goal of a website builder is to ease the process of website creation so that every user could have spent about an hour building a website with no technical background and previous experience. Thus, online website builders somehow might be compared to a web design agency work process. Surely, like every type of software website builders for small business has its own pros and cons. All of them are going to be discussed further.

Here are some of this “magical” free business website builders. They are :

  1. Webnode

  2. Wix

  3. Weebly

  4. Ucraft

  5. Webstarts


Which free website builder is best for eCommerce?

According to our research, WIX is worth considering as one of the best platforms for eCommerce and building an online store. It has a wide range of implemented sales tools and an AppCenter market along with trustable 24|7 customer support. It’s also worth trying Weebly, offering the most creative templates, and a wide range of SEO functions to promote your goods within the Internet.

How do I create a free website step by step?

All it takes is to get registered on a platform. Most of the website builders have instruction on how to successfully operate with it. All it takes is a few efforts since the biggest part of eCommerce platforms is user-friendly and clearly understandable for average customer with no technical background. In some cases, it might take up to an hour. For sure, every platform user might face different problems and questions. For this case, there is an existing FAQ question which proposes answers and solutions to them. It is transcribed as Frequently Asked Questions. All of the answers are logically structured and divided into groups and chapters

What about search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is essential for brand awareness and further products or service promotion within an Internet. You may propose the best service in the world but it doesn’t worth nothing since nobody is visiting it. SEO is one of the key tools you should pay attention to while choosing a platform for an eCommerce. So, the good website builder for small business will not only help you to create a worthy online-store but to promote it. Here are the TOP-3 website builders for SEO. These are Wix, Weebly, and Webnode. Wix might be good for SEO newcomers since Weebly and Webnode are worth being considered by more experienced users in an SEO area.

So who really pays for these free plans?

If we look more attentively, we’ll see that many of eCommerce platforms aren’t really free since they don’t propose the main features like own domain, lot of annoying ads and no further promotions, all of the templates need to be paid, etc. Therefore, it is clear that it is used as an advertisement to attract new customers and subscribe to them for paid packages where they can find these options.

So, the importance of creating an online store is necessary for every degree of skill, whether it’s a “newcomer” or a seller with decades of experience under his belt. So, creating an online-platform might become a perfect chance for starting your own business and monetizing your skills and products.

To sum up, we must say that eCommerce platforms are indisputably important for creating, launching and promoting your small business. Fortunately, there is a wide range of online platforms for small business that may propose the best functions at an affordable price. However, the best way to know which free website builder and most suitable for your business needs, is to try it on your own and discover its strong and weak points personally.

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