Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Every entrepreneur and owner of small and medium businesses have ever thought about creating a landing page or a brand website to increase the number of sales and brand awareness. There is no need to explain the importance of having a personal landing page or a full website in terms of attracting new clients or promoting a product. Having a personal website gives a number of significant advantages over your competitors in an extremely fast-changing world of nowaday technologies and digital opportunities. These advantages are the customers’ trust. Having an online business webpage is evidence of your product reliability. Also, it is a sign of high-level professionalism.

The personal website might be compared with a personal brand. It may have its own features that make it stand out in the crowd and be memorable as well. All of listed might be achieved with different implemented tools implemented in business website builders as templates, photos, and videos, scales, tables and fonts, appropriate style, format, design, print, etc.

Fortunately, there are a lot of free business website builders and online platforms that can give a lot of free space for a creative process and significantly ease this process. They can even turn this process into a fun! It’s only about unlimited imagination!

The main goal of a website builder is to ease the process of website creation so that every user could have spent about an hour building a website with no technical background and previous experience. Thus, online website builders somehow might be compared to a web design agency work process. Surely, like every type of software website builders for small business has its own pros and cons. All of them are going to be discussed further.


Here are some of this “magical” free business website builders. They are :

  1. Webnode 

  2. Wix 

  3. Weebly 

  4. Ucraft

  5. Webstarts


Best website builders for small business


Webnode website builder proposes its customers with no technical background an option of wonderful website creation. If you have no possibility, time or financial abilities to hire the professionals from web-design studios, Webnode might act as one. It will help you to launch a personal website by using different styles, templates, etc. Also, it will cut off extra expenses on freelancers and agents and be a perfect time and money-saving option. The final result of a customers creativity might be published on a personal domain or a web hosting.

Webnode might be the perfect solution for a small business. For example, creating a free website for a small online shop. It proposes customers to sell up to 10 products at online-store. Also, it contains about 1GB bandwidth and 10 MB of storage which might be enough for an average small business representative. One of Webnode’s key advantage is its simplicity and user-friendliness. It is very simple to navigate and operate which makes it possible to create a free website for business within an hour. It has an implemented, simple and user- friendly Editor. It has a simple design and includes all important tools options in a left sidebar which is an indisputable plus. Webnode's editor gives an opportunity to manage pages, build sites, choose colors, site backups and many more. On the other hand, blogs and web stores are suitable for average users more than for businesses.


Also, one of the advantages that make Webnode service stand out from other website builders is its frequent updates. These options make Webnode online platform reliable and very convenient for almost all types of users considering their business goals.


Probably, there is no internet user that hasn’t heard about Wix. Somehow, it may be called one of the biggest players among website building platforms and the average amount of usage is proof to this statement. Wix website builder is a good and stable choice for small business entrepreneurs. This platform made specifically to turn websites creation into a simple and convenient process. Wix online platform has won over thousands of users around the world since 2006.

The main advantage of this websites creator is its user-friendliness and simplicity in usage. It is pretty understandable for a newcomer as it is for a web-designer.To successfully use Wix website creator users don't need to be genius programmers or highly-skilled web designers. One can create every type of website in a few hours and clicks. Simple as that! There is a possibility to choose a different design, formats, prints, etc.


Wix has a significant range of templates to be chosen which very convenient for a final website design. This might help to create an extraordinary and remarkable website “look”, so your website will stand out. It is definitely a plus. Wix might be considered the best option for creating a paid website. Despite this fact, Wix has a free trial which is quite unlimited with included features and templates.

On the other hand, there might be some slight aspects that may be considered as disadvantages for some users. For example, annoying advertisements that are at the top of the screen on the desktop. Fortunately, it can be avoided in a Combo monthly package which includes an own domain and cost $13 a month.

However, despite almost similar functionality with other online platforms, Wix has a significantly higher price for an eCommerce package than its direct competitors (e.g Ukit, Webnode, Weebly) Also, the domain URL is pretty long which is very hard to remember.



Weebly online platform considered to be one of the best at the market of free websites builders for small business. Mainly, it consists of advantages. It has an included 500MB storage in a monthly free package which is quite good.

Also, it has an implemented AppCenter which can propose some additional features as SEO website promotion and others. Mostly, SEO settings might be changed for each page separately.

The price for a paid monthly plan usually starts at $8. However, it also has some weak points like ads which constantly flash at the top right corner of the screen.

Considering the advantages that most overweight the disadvantages, Weebly website builder might be a very good option for creating your own small business and monetizing it. Weebly might propose a premium plan with an included additional tools as their competitors do. These are unlimited storage, customized domain, etc.

Weebly website builder has a pretty simple interface that makes work comfortable and easy. It doesn’t include unnecessary functions, which is an advantage. Temporary domain and template might be chosen right after registration. You’ll need to enter your name, contact data, links to social media and the job's done!


And what about Ucraft?

Ucraft might be a leader in a category of free eCommerce platforms that propose implemented features no other can’t. For example, it gives an option of a domain creation for free. Additionally, it may propose an SSL for free also!

Ucraft proposes a wide space for creativity. Every user might create and add his own video, image, template, etc. It is only a matter of a few minutes and the job is done! There are four website editing options like “Design”, “Builder”, “Pages” and “Adaptive Site View”. Weebly is a highly customized platform that will do its best shape your portfolio as you like. Customers have an ability to use Weebly editor in order to set up font pairs for a website and change the uploaded images. A user can select only 2 fonts (for a heading and the rest of the text) and set their display options in details (interline spacing, size, font type, the spacing between letters). These settings are available in the “Design” section.

However, some of the customer reviews might show that this online platform for small business is quite complicated for an average customer because of an Editor.Despite the free trials and the number of proposed functions for free, a lot of customers hesitate about these options duration which is not good for brand credibility.

Webstarts and its pros and cons for small-business entrepreneurs

Webstarts counts to be one of the best free eCommerce website builders in the Web. Its free plan includes an option of blog creation and further access to it. Also, there is an ability to propose and sell your products by creating an online store. SEO implemented functions may promote it within an Internet and attract potential customers.

There is nothing much better for online stores launching. On the other hand, it won't fit big corporations, holdings, and supermarkets. Apart from that, users might face some troubles with a page's creation for every product separately. Every user can add some main buttons to the website interface. These are price lists, order and add buttons, etc.

Product widget is a highly convenient option made for creating various websites. It is integrated into a software functional. It has many options and functions (e.g adding pictures, descriptions, pop-up windows and sign-up templates.

This online platform proposes an option of different templates changing, adding and creation. It gives 1GB storage and ability to include about 10 products for free in online-storage. However, it does have some cons like old-fashioned developer tools used in the creation of a website.

And what about Webstarts compatibility with other devices? Unfortunately, Webstarts’ free plan might be not so highly compatible with mobile devices. Also. it won’t propose an option of SSL encryption. It is included additionally in paid packages that start from $8 a month.



Which free website builder is best for eCommerce?

According to our research, WIX is worth considering as one of the best platforms for eCommerce and building an online store. It has a wide range of implemented sales tools and an AppCenter market along with trustable 24|7 customer support. It’s also worth trying Weebly, offering the most creative templates, and a wide range of SEO functions to promote your goods within the Internet.

How do I create a free website step by step?

All it takes is to get registered on a platform. Most of the website builders have instruction on how to successfully operate with it. All it takes is a few efforts since the biggest part of eCommerce platforms is user-friendly and clearly understandable for average customer with no technical background. In some cases, it might take up to an hour. For sure, every platform user might face different problems and questions. For this case, there is an existing FAQ question which proposes answers and solutions to them. It is transcribed as Frequently Asked Questions. All of the answers are logically structured and divided into groups and chapters

What about search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is essential for brand awareness and further products or service promotion within an Internet. You may propose the best service in the world but it doesn’t worth nothing since nobody is visiting it. SEO is one of the key tools you should pay attention to while choosing a platform for an eCommerce. So, the good website builder for small business will not only help you to create a worthy online-store but to promote it. Here are the TOP-3 website builders for SEO. These are Wix, Weebly, and Webnode. Wix might be good for SEO newcomers since Weebly and Webnode are worth being considered by more experienced users in an SEO area.

So who really pays for these free plans?

If we look more attentively, we’ll see that many of eCommerce platforms aren't really free since they don’t propose the main features like own domain, lot of annoying ads and no further promotions, all of the templates need to be paid, etc. Therefore, it is clear that it is used as an advertisement to attract new customers and subscribe to them for paid packages where they can find these options.

So, the importance of creating an online store is necessary for every degree of skill, whether it’s a “newcomer” or a seller with decades of experience under his belt. So, creating an online-platform might become a perfect chance for starting your own business and monetizing your skills and products.

To sum up, we must say that eCommerce platforms are indisputably important for creating, launching and promoting your small business. Fortunately, there is a wide range of online platforms for small business that may propose the best functions at an affordable price. However, the best way to know which free website builder and most suitable for your business needs, is to try it on your own and discover its strong and weak points personally.

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