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Five thrilling Mac website builders everyone would like to know about

When it comes to Mac, its users have a lesser choice than those of Windows or Android. Many installable pieces of website design software Macintosh cannot cope with the task of creating nice-looking professional websites, which are needed for online users to launch their online presence – at least, with ease and without nerves. Nearly any program that needs installation on PC looks nice in terms of client interface and security (and some other things that marketers out at the front) but it lacks many fundamental construction blocks that are required to make a decent website (and instruction to use these blocks). This is especially pitiful when these programs require tens or hundreds of dollars of payment to make them installed and running – like it is the case with Blocs installable software, which we also briefly cover today.

Healthier and much more lucrative alternatives to those are SaaS and cloud-based Mac website builders, about which we are going to talk below.


Defining Mac website builder

So, what is a Mac website maker? This is the software, which doesn’t need to be installed on a PC. It works through the Internet – all you gotta have to work with it is your PC and access to the Internet. You better make access wide and fast, as the most part of website makers requires it to be so. 

The biggest advantages of online software to build a website are:

  • You aren’t required to have any knowledge about making and running a website – everything is done through a comprehensible interface with drag-and-drop functionality and many built-in tips. Some nice website makers have a whole Artificial Intelligence (like Wix) to help you make a good-looking website in meager minutes (based on some data that you input at first stage).

  • You don’t have to search for hosting and solve any tech issues connected to your website – the online tool is here to solve all those, and even to give you a nice-looking domain name for free (if paid for a yearly subscription), which economizes you around 20 dollars a year. 

  • As some PCs may be closed for installation of any new software (this is especially true for devices on a workplace, which come with a pre-set-up), the ability to make an entire website without a need to install anything on a PC is a large advantage. 

  • If you aren’t sure what and how to do next after the registration, you may resort to a huge online knowledge base, which in many times more readable and understandable than many analogical help centers of offline installable software. Plus, website makers have a 24/7 user assistance center, which can contact them through a number of channels like phone, e-mail, online chat, and some messengers.

  • Any Mac web builder already has at least a hundred pre-made templates, which are categorized in many areas (like for photographers, bloggers, fashion designers, singers, writers, shop owners, for business companies, for churches, and so on), among which you can make your choice. That is, you don’t need to create the entire everything from scratch. Thus, any website may be easily launched for an hour. A thoroughly elaborated one may be started overnight. 

  • Last but not least – it is significantly cheaper to make a website through a website maker, as it does not require an entrance fee and takes a very moderate monthly fee – compared to any web-building studio.


What are the best 5 options on the market of Mac website builders

So now let’s consider what are the best tools to cover your needs. We have analyzed over 40 of them suitable for Mac users and have come to the conclusion that these 4 are the best on the market so far and ‘Blocs’ is added just to give a fly in the ointment: 

  • Wix
  • Jimdo
  • Blocs
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace.


Looking at Wix website builder

Wix is the most popular tool for the reason for the biggest power of its interface. In addition to over 500 templates in dozens of categories, it has ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence feature – which allows creating a website within minutes. Just input your personal information and select the category, which is your main one and let Wix Mac website design software make the website for you. Shouldn’t you love the result, you can introduce any changes. Also, it offers own app store filled with hundreds and hundreds of apps for literally any life occasion (you can define, which are needed by you if any). Using them, you can adjust your SEO, sales, stats, and many other positions. But beware – some themes and apps in the best website builder for Mac Wix are paid, which may significantly increase your financial monthly expenses.  


Positive signs of the Wix website builder:

  1. You can use ADI to receive an online presence within minutes.

  2. The selection from amongst 500+ templates and hundreds of apps inside of their own app store.

  3. A powerful interface with hundreds of options.

  4. No need to know any tech.


Negative signs of Wix website builder:

  1. It is impossible to fix anything in the HTML code, which limits the user’s oeuvre.

  2. The website cannot be migrated elsewhere, as it cannot be downloaded as a whole.

  3. Not all themes are mobile-friendly and some of them even work incorrectly.

  4. It is impossible to change a theme from one to another once the website goes alive.

  5. Not too much creative freedom, which is, obviously, the price for control of the website.

  6. You can’t create a big website with many pages for the bandwidth and storage limits and because every page is managed manually, as it is a static one, which is unsuitable for a blog or an online store, for instance. 


What is the price of subscription of Wix website builder:

If you’re looking for the cheapest yet nicely powered option, then Wix website creator Mac is not a good one: though it has offers for $4.50 and $8.50 a month, they are limited in storage and bandwidth. No bandwidth limitations start only from $12.50 a month but all subscriptions have limits in storage – even the high-cost ones.


Looking at Jimdo website builder

Jimdo is an easy-to-use creator, which is not so broadly popular yet decent in functionality. All its plans (but the free one) give you a free domain for the 1st year of usage, ability to connect your own domain if you have it already, and from 1 to 20 e-mail addresses are attached. Also, there are storage spaces between 5 and 15 Gb, with 10-20 Gb bandwidth. These are removed only in the premium ‘Unlimited’, as well as the help center’s workers’ reply speed reduces to 1 hour from 1-2 business days for all of your issues. SEO and HTTPS are inherent to any package, ad-free if paid, and Jimdo apps from own store are applicable. But there is one huge gap you should know – e-commerce is the only pack, which offers online commerce. The ‘Unlimited’ package does not have e-commerce attached, so the inconvenience of using web commerce with applied limits on bandwidth and storage, as well as not having all max tools to run a website are disappointing factors. 


Positive signs of Jimdo website builder:

  1. Its interface is simple and there are many possibilities and apps to use.


Negative signs of Jimdo website builder:

  1. No fixed pricing, it is changed as it wants to – not a good thing for tens of millions of traveling people, who might need a site for their purposes.

  2. The maximum-cost plan does not offer online sales power.

  3. Harsh limitations in all packages but the premium one, which does not have a sales power.

  4. Not friendly support service.

  5. The free subscription doesn’t pretty much show you anything, so it’s impossible to make a decision on migration.


What is the price of subscription of Jimdo website builder:

The pricing of Jimdo disappoints. It is quite impossible to see the only static price, as it differs from country to country. In some countries, the best ‘Unlimited’ premium pack costs like 15 dollars, while in others, its price is 39 Euros. If you have a VPN server – change a few countries on different continents of the globe, taking high and low ones economically, while on the pricing page, and you’ll discover the tremendous discrepancy. So, in most European countries, it costs from around 5 to 39 Euros a month (disregarding the free-of-charge option).


Looking at Blocs website builder

This is a special tool for Macs with CSS editor, responsive design and that you can install on your PC. It is the costliest tool on the list, using which you pay nearly 2 times more for 5-10 times less functionality than any other tool on the list offers (compared to Wix, it is 3-5 times costlier).

This software is installable on a PC. So if you have your device closed for installations, you should search for another tool to create a website. 

In the power, it is the poorest usable options – and we’re covering why in the “Negative signs” section.


Positive signs of the Blocs website builder:

  1. You can create a website if you are a savvy techie.


Negative signs of the Blocs website builder:

  1. It does not offer any pre-made templates.

  2. You have to have extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS to create your site – basically, it’s just a WordPad, opening which, you start developing everything from complete scratch.

  3. There is no CMS or user interface with tips and hints on what to do – just work with code with your hands.


What is the price of subscription of Blocs Mac website builder:

This is one of the most high-cost tools for making websites that we have encountered in our lives. There are 6 possible pricing strategies:

  1. If you wanna use it one day only, then it’s worth 18 dollars (with a few applicable discounts)

  2. 10 one-time passes cost $150

  3. ‘Rental package’ goes for 8 dollars a day

  4. If you are using it for just one month, then the price is 90 dollars

  5. The recurring monthly usage is for $64

  6. One-year subscription paid for a year in a leap is going to be $640

  7. There is an entrance fee.


The review of Weebly Mac website builder

Weebly is loved for its likable easy interface and straight pricing. 


Top-rated positivity pieces of Weebly Mac website builder: 

  1. Very intuitive and easy interface, which does not need any tech knowledge at all. 

  2. Many templates, easy to integrate with tools, possible to change HTML.

  3. A lot of design flexibility.

  4. A great option for the money.


Negative signs of Weebly Mac website builder:

  1. Restrictive editor.


What is the price of subscription of Weebly Mac website builder:

You can run it for free with very limited functionality. The paid subscriptions cost 5, 10, 20, and 30 Euros per month. You can connect a free domain for 1 year starting from the 10-euro package (if you pay for a year immediately). E-commerce starts with this package, too, while a powerful one starts with the 20-euro pack.


Looking at Squarespace Mac website builder

Squarespace is one of the most straightforward tools in pricing and functions. Lots of pretty themes make this Mac web development software a very popular choice among adepts of Mac.


Positive signs of Squarespace Mac website builder:

  1. Many nice-looking themes.

  2. High functionality.

  3. Free custom domain if paid for a year.

  4. SSL comes for free.

  5. No limits in storage and bandwidth, ever.


Negative signs of Squarespace Mac website builder:

  1. The interface could have been easier, with lesser clicks, and more comprehensible for novice users.


What is the price of subscription of Squarespace Mac website builder:

If you pay for a year in one payment, the monthly price is from 12 to 40 bucks for you. If paid for a month and then, for another month, then the price increases sometimes at 30% (depending on the level of the pack). To start e-commerce, you pay 26 dollars a month only.


What it takes to build a website

  1. The first thing you have to define, what goals your future site has to cover. What processes of interaction with users it will have? Will you collect user data to make a newsletter? Will you give subscribed users any preferences or discounts? Do you need any powerful backup for that like database or CRM system? This will all affect your site’s initial development and monthly running. The more complexities for your website you predict, the more it takes for you to run it and may trigger the need to hire some additional person to deal with all these.

  2. You have to choose the hosting in your account – which is done by default if you choose an online builder.

  3. Pick a good-looking name so people remember you easily.

  4. Take care of SEO – so to make people find you online.

  5. Make sure your readers receive relevant content on your pages and that you update it on a regular basis.

  6. Pick the design from one of many in website builders, which corresponds to your vision as closely as possible and fine-tune it.

  7. Think about uninterrupted hosting and bandwidth. For large sites, a nice volume of hosting is also a great thing.


How can one design a website on Mac website builder

There is nothing to talk much about this issue – just open any of the given website editors for Mac (well, maybe, excluding the least good one Blocs) and make your oeuvre to resurface during the customization. You can pick any of hundreds of pre-made themes and input changes that you need – and then just introduce changes to your liking. As you publish your site with a selected nice-looking domain name, you can start using it in 10 minutes and give people business cards with its name. 

Many tools on today’s list don’t require any technical knowledge from users, being specifically released to allow anyone to work in them effectively and with no or little upfront training. Some of them, like Wix, deprive you of any work at all using their artificial intelligence to free your time and to seem as friendly as a tool can be in the hands of a man.



You should not worry about the lack of knowledge in anything that concerns site-building. Website builders are designed and operate successfully for years, covering the needs in site construction of millions of new users each year and supporting over a hundred million existing ones cumulatively. You should try to find out on your own how to make a website on Mac!

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