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Membership websites have gained extreme popularity over the last years. With this tool, you can share your knowledge and talents for free or for a certain sum of money. Type of content that can be placed there ranges from blog-style articles to podcasts, not mentioning videos, webinars, etc. Every time you update the information on the site people from the community can reach it.

Starting a membership site can be economically efficient for any kind of online business. Such a website implies that only subscribed members are permitted to access it. Since these sites are protected from the public, they demand subscription fee from those who want to see full content. The subscribers get their login and password and use them until the subscription expires. What you can get from a membership site are growing conversion rates and steady income. No doubt, a membership website gives you a great chance to turn content into money.

Moreover, a membership site may represent such digital products as e-books, online tutorials or courses, videos and even the content of social media. This promotes your popularity among the consumers as soon as they get informed about your services.

What are the Key Advantages of a Membership Site?

Getting to know the major benefits will convince you to establish a site for the current or prospective community members.

Skyrocketing revenues

No reason may force you to refuse from earning more money even if you are engaged in eCommerce. Besides the main income source, here is a way to get extra money monthly. Take this opportunity as a reasonable mode to invest and win.

It Begets Trust

In this globalized world, no one is sure about the stability of the economic system and online markets as well. To attract customers, an entrepreneur needs to prove that you are reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, it will be tiresome to get those who are willing to pay for subscribing the website. When users pay to join the online community they hope to get reliable and useful information. For as long as you supply what they want, your clients will be yours.

Physical Product Is Not Required

Being a virtual storage place, membership site does not demand from you the ability to manage fleets of physical objects. Thus, there are no problems connected with producing, preserving, and delivering products. To keep your customers and to drive new ones you have to supply topical content regularly.

Establishes Relationships with Users

The prime task for any business is to develop relations with the clients. What brings you together is interest, trust, and personal relations though they are virtual. Online community provides you with a chance to generate your net of devoted customers ready to pay for getting new experience, exchanging skills, and broadening their outlook.


But how can you get all these? Should you address a professional designer or undertake full responsibility and do it yourself. Certainly, you can do it independently if you choose one of the top builders described below.


The Most Outstanding Membership Website Builders of the Day



Still looking for a workable software, Wix is sure to meet your wants while developing a stunning site with advanced features. The platform takes pride in a huge variety of modern templates, an intuitive editor, and the ongoing launch of innovative technologies. You can effortlessly choose a template that corresponds to the latest trends of design that will impress the visitors of the membership website from the first seconds. The interface is simple to utilize and every element of it is brought under your control.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to substitute the template without losing the content. One more restriction that Wix imposes on its customers relates the custom CSS, which cannot be added to a site. The builder boasts its ground-breaking Artificial Design Intelligence module, which allows creating a website very quickly after you answer particular questions. Depending on your aims and budget, you can opt for a free or paid plan. Its basic Connect Domain version will cost you $4.50 per month.


  • ever-developing set of tools and themes
  • user-friendly interface
  • a broad variety of applications
  • necessary options for a membership site
  • professional tech support all day round


  • you lose your content in case of template change
  • annoying ads on a free plan
  • data export to another host is impossible


Wild Apricot

If you find yourself lost selecting a builder, Wild Apricot may be the best option since it takes the highest rates as an affordable and efficient tool. The analyzed software was developed for membership sites. It helps automate and simplify numerous tasks for an owner, members, and volunteers. The builder offers many options for design, client database management, and events registry. It guarantees you have your community’s information under control in one place. If questions arise, you can always address the responsive customer support.

With this solution, you get access to the easy search and quick sharing of data. Membership levels are customized flawlessly and renewals are done automatically. Real-time updating of newly joined members is of great convenience. Moreover, every community member can update personal information if needed using a member login option. Another beneficial feature of this robust builder is the opportunity to set up several payment processors. As for pricing, you can start with a free trial first and then choose one from six paid options depending on the size of your group. A Group Plan will cost you $50 each month.


  • unlimited admin accounts
  • available mobile applications
  • several payment systems
  • free monthly trial


  • not all the themes are modern and fashionable
  • a bit cluttered dashboard
  • restricted migration option



GoCentral is a perfect solution for building a scalable membership websites. This platform was launched by GoDaddy as an improved version of their editor. The software is quite easy even for those with no design skills and knowledge. The greatest advantage of it is the chance to construct a site just within a few minutes. It was not developed especially for designing memberships sites. Despite this, it can be successfully employed for this purpose thanks to a number of features.

You can operate the editor from both computer and smartphone. The interface is intuitive although customization options are limited. There are just a few templates at your disposal. Nevertheless, you can modify the fonts and colors giving new look to the site.

As for the instruments required for the membership websites, you may like Members-only option when it comes to creating pages. Thus, such pages allow solely participants of the community to access the data. It is possible to register one new person at a time or upload an electronic spreadsheet with names and emails. A monthly price of paid GoCentral versions varies from $5.99 to $29.99.


  • quick set-up
  • the affordable price of the plans
  • expert support via chat and phone


  • customization potential is limited
  • poor choice of templates



Weebly stands out among other membership site platforms thanks to its formidable amount of features and functions. If you are looking for a multifaceted drag-and-drop site builder that permits numerous admins, this platform is for you. More than a hundred templates provided by Weebly will help make your online presence remarkable and stunning. A number of members you can add to the website depends on the plan chosen.

Member Groups tool gives you overall control over the community. Your website space is orderly organized since the platform excludes members with the expired subscription. Registration and account creation for newcomers is easy thanks to registration and login windows.

A Blog option empowers the user with an excellent opportunity to interact with members whenever needed. Application for the mobile integration of a site facilitates checking most of the essential parameters via smartphone. Four widely spread payment systems will be also a plus for your membership site.


  • free plan
  • cheap starter plan of $8.00
  • more than one admin account is allowed
  • the most popular payment processors


  • member application requires payment
  • the scarce amount of templates
  • one level subscription


The uKit website builder does not have specially developed software for constructing membership site. However, it is feasible to integrate it with a third-party application. Furthermore, you can amalgamate with particular databases and CRM systems, which will help run the flow of members registering on the website.

A collection of amazing templates will not leave you indifferent. The very intuitive editor ensures all the elements are available and easy to utilize. In case of necessity, some components can be introduced or deleted separately, or even added to a theme. The visual tool allows alternating the page structure, checking and controlling blocks and widgets. Moreover, it provides effortless customization of layout.

If you want to make your online presence, a blog section will come handy no doubt. The Blog editor opens more opportunities for your membership website. The most effective of them let you postpone the publication of the material, introduce the name of the author, and integrate with social networks, adding photos and videos to the article. One more thing to mention is that uKit is mobile-friendly builder, which requires neither additional plugins nor third-party applications.


  • vast choice of templates
  • comprehensive and plain
  • no coding required
  • powerful features
  • reasonable prices


  • number of pages is limited
  • pages with pictures may download slowly
  • some templates are boring and outdated


Features To Consider Before Searching For the Best Membership Website Creator

While surfing the Internet for a suitable site builder for the community, think over the objectives and plans. Scarcity of knowledge on essentials of web design can make site launching a challenging experience. Please, do not make much fuss about it. There are plenty of multifunctional builders to organize your digital space quickly and productivity with minimum wasted efforts. Get a deeper look at the prime aspects of a good membership site maker.

Simplicity of Application

Not being a professional site developer mind this important feature. How intuitive a website builder is will determine the overall success of the business. As a beginner in this field, you would better avoid platforms with loads of extra functions not to get confused and waste time.

Available Free Trials

This very option gives a chance to learn the set of inbuilt features. Free trials help to detect some flaws that may not be mentioned in reviews. Thus, experimenting with several platforms free of charge even for a short period you compare their pluses and drawbacks, and select the best one to fulfill your aims.

Pricing policy

Aside from functional potential, software cost influences the choice of customers. Depending on the purposes and goals of your venture, a subscription website builder plan can cost from $4 to $600 every month. If it is the first attempt to start a website and your member pool is not large, it is better to opt for average cost versions. In case you have ambitions of getting huge profit, Business and E-commerce will meet your expectations.

Data Storage

It is essential to possess a solid system for managing the content and publications. Great storage feature permits you to attract new clients through placing a big volume of data concerning the company and services it provides, and the benefits for prospective participants as well.

Payment Processors

Traditional and innovative payment alternatives offered to the members are the indispensable aspect you should mind. The more convenient options an entrepreneur suggests the bigger number of people are likely to subscribe and join the community.

Analytics characteristics

An exclusive trait of a great site builder is its SEO tools. Using this function, the user traces the details concerning the subscribers. For example, you obtain information about the amount of members online, recent subscribers, count of unsubscribed visitors, etc.

Amount of administrator accounts

Searching for a subscription website builders, one cannot put aside a number of admin accounts. A builder that has one administrator is good in case you are not planning to establish a big membership website. Since a figure of prospective members exceeds a thousand you should choose the software offering several admin accounts.

Subscription level quantity

The tool makes it possible to grant different opportunities to separate members or groups of customers.

Download speed

Nobody likes a site, which is slow as molasses in January. Users appreciate a fast downloading website that foster SEO results and increase conversion rates.

Plugins option

A robust subscription website builder is expected to provide an array of plugins to meet particular demands and goals. Regarding the builder, you can obtain some plugins without any payment while others demand a certain fee.

Collection of templates

Adequately chosen template account for a part of your site’s success. So, be sure you select a builder with a rich set of modern and appealing templates that bring in uniqueness to the website.

Personal code

Usually, it is crucial only for expert designers. In most cases, only the paid plans allow own CSS and HTML codes. Keep in mind that merely a few builders can suggest such a feature.


Foremost Tips to Find and Start the Unrivalled Website Builder

As soon as you have studied important functions and peculiarities of the builders available on the market, you may find the following recommendation very useful.


  • Do not jump into conclusion having just looked through several building solutions and membership websites examples.
  • Search for reliable reviews, read some blogs and scan the comments of people who have already utilized the particular software. Ponder thoughtfully over all the advantages and disadvantages highlighted on professional websites.
  • If you are likely to choose a paid plan, make sure they provide a refund option allowing you to get money back in case the builder works bad and does not satisfy the needs of the business.
  • The powerful customization feature is a must for a website creator. This tool permits to introduce changes whenever needed. The success level of your online presence greatly depends on modification technologies.
  • Set clear aims of the membership site. Make a firm decision on how you are going to employ it. What is more important for you? To drive more leads constantly or to deliver up-to-date information about the product or service?
  • Decide what your website will need in the first place. Make a list of the key elements you would like to have. This may include media hosting, time-released data, customer support instrument, payment system integration, etc.
  • Communicate your skills and knowledge into consumable goods or services. Pack up the content accordingly so the site is not overwhelmed with text, videos, and images. Otherwise, it may repel the potential clients.
  • If you want to drive more traffic, do not rely solely on SEO tools. Think of paid ads that can convert your visitors into customers. Controllable advertising fosters marketing strategies and leads.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your members connected and involved. Staying in touch with each other encourages them to use the site actively sharing the ideas and experiences.

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