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5 Best Website Builders
5 Best Website Builders
Review Score
Ease Of Use:10/10
Support:Support center
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
Support:Live chat support
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9.5/10
Support:Help center
Design flexibility:8.5/10
Ease Of Use:8.5/10
Support:Help center
Design flexibility:8/10
Ease Of Use:10/10
Cost:Free for 4 GB
Support:Could Be Better
Design flexibility:9/10

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Have you ever thought, "I would like to Make my Own Website" ?

Each year we conduct Website Builder Reviews from the previous years to find the best website builder or the best business website builder that can easily create a nice, functional website quickly. View an At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for each right here!

These website builders require no software download and can easily be used online through your browser. When we do a Website Builder Review, we are also looking for the easiest to use Ecommerce Software Solution integrated with the website builder.

Looking for a Mobile Website Builder - Main Alternatives and Selection Criteria

Online space is developing rapidly, and with it, free niches for business are also filled. Creating a website is the first step in developing your online business. And in order not to lose precious time looking for developers, or not to study HTML/CSS yourself, it is possible to create your website using a mobile phone. In this article, we will explain how to do it.

Creating a Site with a Mobile Websites Creator- What You Need to Know Before You Start

Today, thanks to best mobile website builder any user can work with Internet resources without asking for help professional developers. Thanks to best mobile website builders, you can create your own website, even without a personal computer or laptop. And the resource created in this way will not be different from the one created from the computer.

Is HTML Knowledge Required?

Knowledge of the code and the ability to work with it is no longer a requirement that you need to fulfill on the way to creating your own website. Today, you can enjoy the better option of mobile-friendly website builders, that will help you create a resource and even fill it with content. The user only needs to follow the instructions step by step, and the program itself will create, as the necessary code for the site. At each stage, you will need to carefully read the explanations and insert images, text or other elements into the appropriate places. And if you have prepared in advance the text, photos and everything else, creating your own website will take just a few minutes.

Main Characteristics of a Smartphone. The possibility to Create a Website with a Mobile Editor

In order to avoid problems during creating a website, working with hosting and filling a resource with content, a smartphone must meet several important criteria:

  • powerful productive processor

  • enough RAM and internal memory

  • stable access to the Internet at high speed.

Flagship models of any manufacturer have these characteristics.

How to Make a Choice Among the Best Mobile Website Builders?

To quickly create a website yourself, you need to use an online platform with ready-made standard solutions, modules, functionality, and design. The scheme of work is simple:

  • application installation;

  • registration;

  • the choice of the template and the necessary functionality;

  • content filling;

  • launch.

When choosing the best free mobile website builder, it is worth considering the following criteria:

  • Subscription fee. It is important to understand how much money per month you will pay for the service. When choosing a tariff, please note that trial or free offers will have limited functionality.

  • The ability to use your domain. If the service does not allow you to connect your own domain, then the address of your site will look like: your domain, «service».  Such third-level domains look undignified and may affect the promotion of the site.

  • The possibility of transferring the site to your own hosting. Hosting is the storage location for your site. If the site is stored on your hosting you have full access to it, without any restrictions.

  • The ability to edit the code. When business development requires changes in the site’s functionality and the initially selected template does not support the function you need, you will have either to write the code yourself or ask the developers for help;

  • Ability to edit design styles. You will need this option if the selected template contains a suitable interface, but you want to change the background color, font style or size.

  • The number of design patterns. You need be able to choose not only based on the specifics of the business, and the purpose of the site. This is especially cool when the templates contain different functionality, creative design and the ability to add different features;

  • Technical support service. When something goes wrong, it is important that you an answer promptly, very specifically, and the problem has been fixed. A few hours of site downtime can lead to non-compliance with the sales plan.

Next, we consider what mobile-optimize solutions you can use to create the site. In practice, this means that you will need to download and install the mobile application before you begin.

Some More Important Information to Take into Account

Having dealt with the most popular designers, we will highlight the main advantages of their use:

  • Cost. The cost of a paid tariff of a mobile application is significantly lower than the cost of services of developers, who create websites. In addition, most builders contain enough free templates that allow you to create your resource without investing at the start.

  • Speed. The ability to create a site right from your mobile screen makes the process even faster and easier.

But along with these positive moments, there are some disadvantages.

  • The limited structure of the site. This point depends on the capabilities of a particular template. But note that often everything depends on the tariffs, the more expensive it is – the more opportunities you have to expand the structure of your resource.

  • Non-uniqueness of design. Website development services offer templates of ready-made designs, often with minimal possibility of individualization. Therefore, there is a high probability that there are a lot of sites with the same design.

  • Difficulties in manually changing the source code. Some designers allow you to make changes to the HTML-code of the created site, however, this code may be difficult to understand and change.

  • Attachment to the “parent site”. If you created a site on one designer, it is impossible to transfer it to another.

Conclusion - Let's Make a Choice Depending on the Type of Business

So, you have already received objective indicators of the work of each of the applications for creating a website using a mobile phone. Now let’s make the final decision about what you should choose based on the needs of the business.

  • Weebly is suitable for e-commerce segment sites.

  • Choose if most of your target audience interacts with you using mobile devices. Undoubtedly, they will appreciate the functionality of the site, which will be very similar to the mobile application. In addition, you will receive ready-made recommendations based on your Facebook profile.

  • Jimdo is suitable for companies, that are in the process of localizing their products and services. The main focus of the service is the possibility of creating multilingual sites. This means, that your entry into international markets will not be complicated by technical problems with the work of different language versions.

  • Voog, although it supports the creation of multiple language versions, has difficulty with SEO promotion. It will be difficult for you to reach foreign users in this way. But you can choose this service if you already have an active and multilingual audience on social networks and can generate traffic from there.

  • Wix is ​​a universal service. If you do not want to spend your time for further analysis of the site builders, choose this platform. It contains both paid and free features, that can be intelligently combined to achieve maximum site efficiency.

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