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5 Best Website Builders
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Each year we conduct Website Builder Reviews from the previous years to find the best website builder or the best business website builder that can easily create a nice, functional website quickly. View an At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for each right here!

These website builders require no software download and can easily be used online through your browser. When we do a Website Builder Review, we are also looking for the easiest to use Ecommerce Software Solution integrated with the website builder.

Opt The Finest Website Builder Software For Restaurant – How to Determine?

Everybody loves to savor a good meal. Therefore, the cherished dream of a genuine gourmet is to enjoy a delicious, tasty, originally served food that cooked from healthy organic products, with exquisite drinks at the cozy nice restaurant of luxury, stylish interior. If your recently opened restaurant is enough cozy, and its dishes are tasty and healthy, but there are too few visitors, begin to act immediately to engage new gourmets. Often the main basis for the poor attendance of a new unpromoted restaurant could be the lack of info about its existence. The restaurant website building would be the optimal way to advertise it.

If you made a decision to create an attractive and informative online portal for a restaurant, here is the useful info! Learn more about top-5 best platforms, their advantages and disadvantages and choose the appropriate website builder for restaurants due to your expectations. We will also discuss certain aspects of providing a high-quality service.

Business is a niche where there no time to relax. You keep operating on the restaurant project to be competitive and relevant on the market. How could you get new clients? According to surveys, most clients search the Internet for ideas where to dine before actually going there. They want to browse the menu and see how much money they will spend. So, trying to attract more clients, you should care about reliable hosting a restaurant website. Potential visitors could observe all the necessary information in the Internet and visit your restaurant. The revenue generation depends on the visitor’s numbers, that’s why it is absolutely understandable that you must advertise the restaurant at its finest to get positive results. Many companies have accounts on different social networks, for example, Instagram. There they can post pictures of original dishes, interior peculiarities, buy advertisements, attract new customers. Therefore, building a restaurant website should be effective and detailed.

Running a restaurant online page can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive idea. An attractive restaurant website is a definite key to great success in modern times. It is enough difficult to imagine a serious restaurant franchise without an Internet page. Stylish and well-developed restaurant website keeps the necessary details and attracts new clients. Very often, you have a lack of time to create a restaurant website with professional properties. In such a case, you should find a proper restaurant website builder for online site development. It is not difficult to find tons of them, on various topics and prices; however, we tried to find the most appropriate ones.

Specify the finest website builder

There is different web restaurants builders’ software online, however, it is absolutely real to find the ideal one for your company. It often depends on the acceptable budget and individual plans for the portal’s informative materials. For creating a basic web page – a version of an online business card, even free instruments can be applied. For a personal reliable domain, you should spend some cash. We chose the best website builders for restaurants and made the top-5 comparative review:

  • Wix comes to mind first. This unsurpassed convenient website constructor is one of the top builders of web pages on any subject. It provides more than 50 templates connected with the food sector. The company itself was created for business companies. They are offering useful tools such as Wix reservations and Wix Menu. Add them wherever you want and give links to social networks for an even easier booking process. It is a laconic online feature which is definitely very attractive to the clients. As for design, if you didn’t hire a professional web designer, the power of Artificial Intelligence may be applied. Wix offers an inline survey for you. After filling it with necessary details about your restaurant, ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) will customize your interface automatically. As for professional web developers, there are an Editor and Code constructors, where it is possible to create a restaurant website with more complicated and advanced instruments. Another huge advantage is that the Wix builder offers various premium plans, starting from 11$ depending on demands. This makes the platform one of the best restaurant website builders. You may not build a webpage from zero and the hosting is affordable;
  • Weebly is a top-rated platform according to many sources. At first, this amazing website builder was created for making small portfolios, but nowadays it can be used even by big business corporations. It has a drag-and-drop editor for beginners and stylish templates. There are no options for automatic interface design, but all the tools are easy to learn, so there will be no problem with customizing everything manually. If you seek a simple platform to build a restaurant website, this convenient website builder would be a good choice. ‘What you see is what you get’ – that’s about their user-friendly constructor with no technical knowledge needed. There are no particular tools for restaurant owners, but you can implement any online tool as a banner here. If there are some problems, ask for help – there are instructions on how to use a creator and technical support in case of an unexpected shutdown. The design solutions are humble, but modern-looking. It will be perfect for small joint mostly oriented on home delivery;
  • Squarespace is a perfect solution for trying to create a high-quality website. This cool website builder is very popular lately so there’s no way you haven’t heard of it before. Many famous designers had worked on more than a thousand stylish templates. So, the platform’s best feature is luxurious design solutions. This builder also has many useful implementations, such as ChowNow and OpenTable. So, the correct solution for posh restaurants is to apply to this website builder. The eCommerce functionality of this constructor is on top. This website builder has comfortable tools for table reservations, accurate and clear menus, email dispatch, social media integration, useful banners with maps, calendar, etc. However, this builder doesn’t offer any free plan. There is a 2-weeks trial to try out tools and options. However, after that, make a choice about one of the plans with different pricing. According to package terms, you will gain access to more tools. This platform is one of the most efficient website builders for restaurants when it concerns to design, but it has only premium packages, and it can be a problem for smaller organizations;
  • Flavour Plate was created for restaurant developers. This builder of websites is not complicated at all and each tool was supposed to be used for creating a perfect webpage. Structured menus, catalog of gift cards, OpenTable reservations – this is just the part of tools that are crucial for restaurant web builders. All Flavor Plate editors allow you to observe how the webpage will perform on mobile devices. It is perfect for people with no technical knowledge. There is a unique multiple locations feature for a restaurant franchise. However, users talk about its lack of creativity. There are not so many templates, and the website itself fits more for the restaurants without delivery. It may contain a menu, general information, and reservations option. Another disadvantage of this website builder is that there is no free plan. You can try a 14-days free trial and then buy a premium, starting from 15$ per month;
  • Let’sEat! keeps perfect tools for a web building in a catering area. Usually, this website builder takes top rates among restaurateurs. It is a restaurant web builder with every feature needed for a business in this field. It implies Google Maps and Analytics, advertisement tools, menu, gift cards, reservation, and custom domain. There is a bunch of banners that you may add on your restaurant webpage. They also take care of design – you can select one of more than 50 templates that are entirely customizable. Let’s Eat relies more on outsourcing tools implementation. Their main task is to build restaurant website that will not have unexpected shutdowns. They care about web performance and storage stability. You, as a customer, can add any banner you want. However, this platform has no free options. You get a 14-days free trial, custom a website, test every tool and then buy a premium. Overall, this option fits delivery restaurants perfectly.

Now that we know more about these platforms, it is time to choose. Usually, price is what matters in the first place. Wix and Weebly are huge corporations, they have thousands of customers, and they’ve decided to create a free option of hosting a website. No personal domain name, limited storage space, and tools, but completely free hundreds of templates and basic drag-and-drop editor. Squarespace and food-themed platforms offer a two-week free trial, but then you have to pay for your domain and tools. Whatever you choose worth the try anyway.

The design is the next important feature. Weebly, again, gets to the top at this point. It has thousands of completely customizable templates. However, nothing can replace functionality. That’s where Let’s Eat and Flavour Plate take over. They were created especially for this type of business; they have more features to offer.

Which one to choose is up to your wish. If you struggle with this option, check out each one of them, since the trial is for free.

Tips for creating the best restaurant website

It is enough hard to select a suitable restaurant website builder, but creating a webpage is non-simple procedure on every step of this journey. You have to prepare before diving into the competitive world of online marketing:

  • Budget. There is nothing more influential than investment in your restaurant website. It will decide the fate of your project whether you will have interesting features or not. The pricing varies from 10$ per month to approximately 35$. Let’s Eat offers an interesting option to pay 100$ for a year, which makes it very profitable;
  • Target Audience. It is vital to know your customers. If you are located in a business area, your place is probably loaded in a launch time or busy with delivery. Your interior design or types of dishes also have an impact on the audience. Usually, skilled restaurateurs can predict their clients’ characteristics, but after small research, you will know the way customers see your restaurant and your task is to meet their expectations via web design and features;
  • Analyze what makes you better. Ask your clients why they prefer your restaurant more than others. Usually, their answers are completely unpredictable. This way you can find your main advantage. You can also do some research about other places near your location. Visit them; see what they are serving and how different you are from them. Try to point out on your website how special and unique your restaurant is – don’t try to be a doppelganger of some other franchise;
  • Social Media Accounts. The optimal way to get recognition is to create an account on the popular social networks. Currently, Instagram is very popular among youth and businessmen. You should create a profile there and leave a link to your website for more information.

Useful Features

If you decided to build a restaurant website with many functions, we can give you some tips about the customization of features. There is no way for your website to be empty or else there would be no point for it to exist. Of course, you definitely have to add are the menu, contact information, address and photo gallery. But that is not the only things to write about:

  • Menu. Verify to add a proper menu. It should not be uploaded as a PNG image. It is better to put a picture of a dish and write down the price and the ingredients in a readable font. It will increase the possibility for your website to be found in a process of searching for a certain dish;
  • Special Services. Do you offer your restaurant for special occasions? Can you book the entire day for just one customer? It will be perfect for marriage celebrations. Give as much information about it as possible at your restaurant website;
  • Quick Feedback Forms. Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Add a banner for your client to leave his email or phone number to reserve a table. If it is uncomplicated and quick, someone will definitely use it;
  • Blog. Many organizations hire copywriters to post thematic articles. This way it will be possible to get to the top rate of the Google search page. You can write short characteristics of dishes or announce discounts and offer gift cards. This easy method could help you to attract a target audience – potential customers of your restaurant;
  • About Us. Describe how you created your restaurant. Write a short interesting story with moments about how hard it was to select the right wallpapers. Add Google Maps banner to show where you are located and write down the working hours.


Therefore, there are plenty of methods to create restaurant website. Analyze all possible builders and opt the finest one for your goals. It is not simple, however, the main task which you can’t forget is keeping the webpage updated. Nowadays you have to provide your virtual catalog. It will attract more customers and demonstrate your diligence and professionalism. Don’t be scared – just choose a necessary platform and start working on your website. We are sure that each well-considered project will be lucky!


Can you advertise products on the restaurant website?

If you engage in the trade of products connected with food, you definitely can promote them on your restaurant website. Just add a gallery with a description of each product and wait for interested clients.

Do website builders support SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization upgrade your restaurant site so it can be easily found with Google. Weebly or Wix as top-rated website builders have all the necessary instruments. Squarespace builder can be proud of its tools for optimization. Determine the most appropriate constructor for your demands and use it to create a top restaurant website.

Why do I need a blog for my restaurant website?

Try hosting a blog for the restaurant in order to raise attendance. It will help with SEO too. Write recipes from chef, tips about food etiquette, etc. If someone is searching for useful information, he or she can find your webpage accidentally and may become interested in your restaurant. Simply start the drafting of an informative and flashy restaurant website, and you will get incredible results very soon.

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