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5 Best Website Builders
5 Best Website Builders
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Ease Of Use:9/10
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Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
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Design flexibility:9/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
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Each year we conduct Website Builder Reviews from the previous years to find the best website builder or the best business website builder that can easily create a nice, functional website quickly. View an At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for each right here!

These website builders require no software download and can easily be used online through your browser. When we do a Website Builder Review, we are also looking for the easiest to use Ecommerce Software Solution integrated with the website builder.

We have been studying many website builders during our activity of professional reviewing of them. One of the most prominent ones we consider uKit website builder, as it is driven by quality. Professionals spot amazing ratio of huge performance of uKit for little money. In this article, we are closely focusing at features that uKit website builder has, going step by step through its functions, abilities, pricing & customer feedback, to give you the full picture of this amazing tool, which outruns every other website builder on the market.

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What is website builder uKit?

If you want to make a website in any of tens of available categories, which only can be built using an online tool, you may find it hard without special knowledge of prototyping, coding, working with pictures, web design, hosting & making changes. But what if addressing a web design studio is a too costly solution & you don’t want to give them thousands or tens of thousands dollars out of your pocket? There is an elegant solution: uKit website builder. Using uCoz, anyone can make a vast variety of websites without any knowledge of the mentioned things.

Is uCoz easy to use?

The working interface of uKit is built on the system of blocks located on the left, so, on the right, you see the view of your website & how it changes in real-time.
The structure of actions in uKit is divided into groups, sub-groups & pieces of actions. Such a tree-like structure is convenient for a user, as it leaves much space for viewing the website itself. If there are many elements, then scrolling down appears so to make the block area not increase in size.
There are areas of Dashboard (to control the existing site, manage uploads, promotions, favicon, analytics, manage notifications, access to help & see its stats) & Builder of uKit separated at 4 areas: Adaptive Site View, Design, Builder, Site Pages.
If you aren’t getting enough of an immediate preview of webpages in uKit on the right of the working area, you can click on ‘Preview’ button to see it in a separate window (and to see how it looks like on three types of devices – PC, mobile, tablet).
This arrangement of workflow makes it very easy to work in uKit.

What are the features of uKit?

Right after you register in uKit & pick the theme that you want, you can make a domain – with a temporary name or one generated randomly. After that, you may connect your social media profiles like Facebook & fulfill basic information about your website.
Let’s start with the ‘Design’ set of features of uKit. In here, you can change the design of pages by giving it your personification in colors of text, font, alter color scheme. You may choose some color, text, map, video or picture as the background.
In the ‘Builder’ of uKit, you start picking those blocks that you need – like map, contact form, MailChimp, live chat, JivoChat, callback button, contact info, table; timeline, timer & steps features of tracking; Google search, quote, price list, widget of news, audio player, social bar, blog, change HTML code & others.
In ‘Pages’ in uKit, you define their amount, names, SEO, tags, rename, remove, change the order, duplicate & edit content.
In uKit, it is possible to create many-pages & one-page (landing) sites with ease, as well as forums & blogs (the latter is created with ‘News’ widget).
If you need it, there is an option of duplication of widgets, so you can set another one based on already existing & modify some of its parameters. It is slightly different from duplicating pages, as in doing the latter, you copy the entire page with its content. But if you only need a similar page, not exactly the same, then duplicating widgets & other content of the page to modify it can be the way out.
Let’s look at the functionality of uKit, which every user may find important:
E-commerce is present but it is not that powerful, as one would meet in Shopify or BigCommerce. However, it is based on one of the widely used engines – Ecwid Shop (in addition to an integrated tool of uKit website builder itself). This, however, means that one will not have such a degree of automation as with the mentioned two website builders, as lots of actions will need to be done manually for every product & for every page – like input changes to prices, control the availability in stock, change product characteristics & modify pictures. There is also no automatic creation of pages based on product variances as in Shopify (that is, for instance, you have a model of footwear in 3 colors & 12 sizes. Shopify can create 36 pages of a product & keep changes automatically distributed among all those pages if anything changes in the products’ parameters, while uKit website builder will not do that unless you manually create & manually update all those 36 pages). All in all, you can run thousands of pages in your web store – there are no limitations to their number. But when it comes to making changes to all of them – the entire work is done manually. Apart from this sadness, a user has a thrilling number of options of managing products like setting the personal margin for each product, choosing the currencies, manage shipping options, customize a shopping cart, notifications about orders & do a lot of other things.
Online calculator in uKit. You may find it important if you sell some merch, which price depends on its changeable characteristics. A bright example is furniture: as it may have different length, width & height, as well as material of manufacturing of the body & of façade, fittings & accessories, LED & other light built-in, speed of manufacturing & options of delivery & assembly. The price may have a huge span, differing in even ten times from the basic price. You can set up the number of variables, which affect the price, as well as the value of each variable.
Table sheets in uKit. It is possible to adjust them to the current needs, working with them in the same manner, as one would do in standard Excel.
It is possible to minimally adjust pictures when adding them to the webpages – like making cropping. Videos, when added by the link, can be set to play permanently in loop, auto-display, one-time with similar videos shown at the end & other options.
Although everyone hates pop-up windows, they still remain an inseparable part of many online businesses. You can manage the appearance of them followed by conditions: like after some time on the page, before its closure, or reading ¾ of page content.
Integration of uKit with CRM. This is one of the biggest powers of uKit website builder, as CRM integration is nearly not offered by any other website builder, which we have studied – at least, as a part of standard functionality. AmoCRM is one of popular CRM systems on the market, which allows all basic CRM functionality, which a regular client may need. It does not have much flexibility in incorporating your adjustments & requirements but it covers the essentials, turning your business into much more profitable one thanks to deeper relations with your clients.

Design options of website builder uKit

It is possible to copy pages in uKit to make the same ones based on a single template that you do for a certain page. After copying, it is possible to make any changes you need – to texts, picture, colors, widgets & so on.
As for the landing pages, you can make them highly effective & personal thanks to templates that are divided into blocks, screen-wide, having anchor menu (which you can deactivate & activate). Some blocks can be made static as you will scroll the page down (but you may not turn this option on if you don’t need to). There are many widgets & button options to use on the landing page.
In the design of multiple-page & one-page sites, it is possible to set up the spaces between elements, thus, arranging your own grid. This applies to containers, background elements, screen dimensions.
Overlaying in uKit is possible if you want to set up an optimal variant of readability of your text. There are several predefined colors given to each template based on its main colors, which can boost the text readability & contrast & which you can change.
The same applies not only to text but also to pictures & maps. You can define the overlay & transparency so to receive smoothness of transitions to the degree you desire.
When you highlight your business on the Google map, you can use customizable pointers, which will make it possible to detect you even without the need to scroll or increase the map (as you make it centered on your location).
Fonts in uKit. For the sake of keeping pages readable & not oversaturated with font faces (mainly – to eliminate the human factor of starting designers, who don’t understand why more than two fonts per 1 page are bad), only 2 fonts are allowed – one for headings, another for regular text.
It is possible to pin the block to retain its position on the page no matter how you scroll down or up. However, this is useful only to small blocks, which will not make interaction with the site spoiled.
Icon animation in uKit. Pretty self-explanatory.
Web push notifications may be enabled thanks to popular SendPulse widget.
A possibility to make your site available for visually impaired people in the Design block (which is not only user-friendly but also may be required by your local legislation).
Own design of 404 – which is a common thing today for every advanced site owner.

SEO in website builder uKit

Optimization of user pictures to make them take lesser space is profitable not only for storage & bandwidth but also for SEO, as Google ranges the technically optimal sites in better positions (this innovation is active for several years now). Picture optimization is reached by the automatic creation of a number of copies for different screen resolutions & sizes of view of pics done by uKit website builder automatically upon upload of pictures thanks to the usage of progressive JPEG & PNG compression algorithms.
Every user may see the SEO score in one simple interface called ‘Promotion’. When you’re done everything you wanted & now the site is ready to be put online permanently, it is time to estimate how it’s doing by viewing its SEO result based on 4 parameters:
Each of them is going to be shown with the SEO score it has – & you can intervene in the functioning of every by changing them for better. Ideally, all indices must fall into the green zone, if not be completely 100%.
Meta tags are fill-able. Google Analytics synchronization allows tracking the entire needed statistics. Adding your business to Google maps is another thing useful for SEO promotion.
All SEO tools of uKit website builder include several levels of headings, filling meta tags for each page separately, use advanced stats in Google Analytics, do the social integration & link management. Apart from visual & textual SEO works, you can boost up your site thanks to source code & load optimization. The background work that uKit website builder does itself on every site allows every page to be downloaded on the user’s screen in plus-minus 3 seconds but it is possible to make this number further optimized (to receive over than 80 of page speed score in Google, which is good enough).

Support of users of website builder uKit

Support is possible in several languages, but primarily in Russian & English. You can address the help center through:
The knowledge base – as the first point of contact & to learn how to deal with nearly all issues that may arise.
E-mail – if you have any questions unanswered. The e-mail support is tied to working hours.
Skype assistance – thus, you can make your issue answered online.
Feedback form on the site. The answer will be given to you through e-mail.
Official uKit website builder blog (
Live chat – 24/7.

Pricing policy

There are 4 basic plans, which price differs depending on the term of your subscription.
The monthly price is like this:
$5 for ‘Minimal’ package with a custom domain, unlimited space for storage & bandwidth, any number of domains, SMS notifications (for callback requests from your site visitors), 24/7 support through nearly all channels, web stats, free hosting, any number of backups & restores, friendliness to mobile screens & all professional designs
$10 a month for ‘Basic’ – for the things braced in ‘Minimal’ plus live chat support, all premium designs, advanced GA & no uKit website builder commercial on your pages
$12 a month for ‘eCommerce’ – for the things braced in ‘Basic’ plus e-commerce
$15 for uKit premium plan called ‘Pro’: all as the previous gives + access to HTML code & customization of color schemes.
If you want to pay for a longer time, you get this grid of discounts:
-5% for 3 months
-10% for 6 months
-20% for 12 months
-30% for 24 months.

Website builder uKit: conclusion

Instead of paying hefty money to anyone or spending a decade of years of learning the stuff to make a decent website, you literally sit to your PC, open web address & within a few hours, you get a very good-looking website that fits your needs.
Its work is based on pre-made templates, which you change based on drag-and-drop functionality. The mouse is in the center of operation. A keyboard is used to enter your variables that make site personal. Its interface is concentrated heavily on the convenience of users, so you should try using uCoz right now.

Customers say about web page builders

Xander from Alabama, the US:
Writes the uKit review: I've tried uCoz website builder for my flower store and, after spending 1 weekend to thoroughly work on the site, I put it on hosting online & got to work. In less than 3 months, I’ve spotted 10% of customers were coming from online.
Beckett from Seoul, South Korea:
My shop of unusual confectionery put on the rails of uCoz let me build a complete online presence of my business – from map location & price list with juicy pictures to discounts & automation of sales & even widened client management thanks to CRM.
Anderson from Balikpapan, Indonesia:
I found it possible to select from over than 200 professionally-looking adjustable themes friendly for mobile & tablet screens, having responsive designs. I find uCoz easy to use thanks to themes sorted by industries. Although it is possible to change the HTML code of pages, I couldn’t get to CSS.
Shiloh from Kirkjubajarklaustur, Iceland:
It is as easy to get SSL certificates in uCoz as a few clicks of a mouse. Click – & ready. Highly recommend if you’re planning to sell through the site, along with obtaining HTTPS over HTTP. Not only I know HTTPS is profitable for SEO & Google attitude to my site in general but also enables me to take card payments through the website.
Vicente from Taranto, Italy:
Unnecessary functions, clicking & lags are left behind to make my work as effective as possible in uCoz.
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