Website Builders For Kids

Website Builders for Kids: Have a Good Time While Creating a Website

Modern kids do not cease to amaze with their progress in comparison with the previous generation. Already from 4 years, kids are so "overgrown" with all kinds of gadgets and understand them better than many adults.

Based on this, it is very important for parents to participate in the development of their technically savvy kids. A great solution would be to help your child create his first website. This is especially important for those kids who show interest not just in gadgets, but in technical aspects. Do you think this is impossible because you don’t know anything about it? Do not worry, today everything is real and so simple that you yourself will be surprised how exciting it is. If you want to spend more time with your kids doing an interesting thing, then stay here. In this article, we have prepared a review for you.

The 5 Best Website Makers for Your Child

Do you think that your kid will not be able to create a website since even you cannot do it? You probably didn’t go into the details of this process, since today everything has changed in the IT world. When it comes to an online website, you probably think that is necessary to write long codes manually to reflect the smallest element. Fortunately, there is no need for this now.

Everyone can create a website without any skills. To do this, you just need to find a suitable constructor. They are so simple that even a child is able to work with them. Actually today we are talking about this. We have identified the 5 most relevant website builder for kids so that children, together with their parents, can make the website. Let's move on to these website builders and consider their features.


We will not focus on the fact that it is convenient in management. But we only emphasize that everything is intuitively clear even to kids. Children will definitely like a wide selection of templates, which allows you to turn your plan into reality. It is significant that there is freedom of action when working with templates. That is, you can post photos and text wherever you want, many other website builders limit this possibility.

There is also a built-in store where you can get applications that will make the website better. To place any element, you just need to drag it. As for technical support, it is not always possible to contact it immediately if a problem occurs. But it is quite possible to find the answer to your question in the directory. As for special teaching materials for kids, they are not provided. Nevertheless, there are many videos on the network that will help both parents and kids to understand the builder. But as already mentioned, everything is extremely simple!

Well, in conclusion, we would like to recall that this kid web design, has established itself as a good builder which helps to learn many nuances in both creating and promoting websites. So Wix gives you the opportunity not only to spend time with your child for an exciting process but also to learn how to create websites. An excellent combination of business with pleasure, is not it?

As a start, you can try a free plan, but do not be surprised at the constant advertising. By the way, you’ll even be given a domain. As for paid plans, 5 offers based on various needs starting at $11.


  • Colorful patterns that are suitable for kids.

  • Free tariff plan that is equipped with a domain.

  • The freedom of action with templates, to add something, you just need to drag it.


  • After saving the template, it cannot be replaced with another.

  • There are no specialized guidelines for kids.



Today, a large number of websites are created thanks to this CMS. If we consider from the point of view of the use of this platform by kids, then they will hardly cope without the help of adults who have basic skills. But cutting off this platform is a real crime. This builder opens up unlimited possibilities to create absolutely any website. It all depends on how well you are oriented on the topic.

There are also beneficial templates, they are of good quality and can be customized. Among the topics, there are specialized children's ones and they already have protection against malicious codes. It is possible to integrate the page with various plugins, thanks to which you can add many interesting elements and widgets to the website. If your kid understands the specifics of creating a website, then this opportunity will develop many skills. Well, if you also have basic knowledge, you can help your child not only make a website for kids but also achieve a lot in the field of website development.


  • This system provides free features.

  • A good assortment of templates, there are special ones for kids’ target audience with protection.

  • A large amount of methodological information on working with the system on the Internet.

  • The ability to add various widgets and useful elements to the website thanks to plugins.


  • Due to open source, the risk of exposure to hacker attacks is too high.

  • Many commonplace functions can only be achieved with specialized plugins.

  • There is no technical support service, you need to look for yourself for all the information. 

Kids Website Creator

Are you looking for a specialized builder for young kids? Do not pass this builder, it is so simple that it suits kids from the age of five. There are no complicated functions and customizations, but there is absolutely everything that you may need to create a good website.

If you see that your child has a penchant for creativity or IT technology, then this website creator for kids is a great start to develop skills. In addition, the website that you get thanks to this builder can even be monetized.


  • Suitable for use even by the smallest kids (from 5 years old).

  • You can integrate the website with social networks

  • Monetization of the finished website

  • Very low and affordable pricing. 


  • Suitable for creating websites no more than 15 pages.

  • Small storage capacity.

But if we consider the builder from the point of view of kids’ work, then these shortcomings are not so significant. Agree, these conditions are quite enough to meet the needs of the kid.


This is also a specialized builder that was developed specifically for kids. But if you bring it in comparison with the previous one, then this one provides much more opportunities.

It provides much more storage space for creating blogs, forums, and albums. It is worth noting that when working with a blog, kids will be able to significantly improve their writing skills. It is also interesting that you can add a payment system. But the key feature is that it is a free website maker for kids.


  • Various functions that will help kids (spell check).

  • The basic package is free of charge.

  • The most expensive tariff plan has a cheaper cost in comparison with competitors.

  • It provides 100MB of storage.


  • There are no particular flaws here.

  • Some users note that the website design and templates look a bit old, but we are talking about a builder for kids and not for business monopolists.


Many believe that this website constructor is similar to Wix. Yes, there are similarities in the functionality, but in fact, they have differences that we need to understand. The builder offers its users both simplicity and the presence of a sufficient number of templates. But there is no category of templates for kids, but among the templates for personal use, the suitable one can be found without difficulty.

Due to the fact that the builder provides users with good technical support and methodological materials, it is good to study here for both kids and parents. But it is worth noting that it can be a little more complicated.


  • You can use the builder for free, for a children's website this version will be enough.

  • Technical support responds quickly and provides training materials.

  • Possibility of SEO promotion.

  • All items are placed by drag-and-drop.


  • There are no ready-made templates that are suitable for kids.

  • There is a more complicated interface to use.

Ideas For Your Website Ideas

In fact, there are many ideas for your child’s website. The only condition for choosing a topic is to choose one that will be truly interesting to your kid and not to you. After all, first of all, you create a website for your baby. Therefore, his opinion should be a priority, your task is only to push your child to one or another direction. Let's look at the main topics that every child can enjoy.

  • Cartoons/Movies website

  • Hobby website

  • Animals website

  • Nature website

  • Family website

  • Baby life hacks website

  • My city website

  • Video games website

  • Sport website

  • Celebrities website

In fact, the list that we have provided is only a smaller part of the topics you can reveal. As soon as a kid is interested in at least some direction, you can squeeze a dozen more subtopics out of it. Thus, you can choose a topic that will interest the child. You know how quickly the interests of kids change.

What to Note About Web Development for Kids?

The way in which you will make the website depends solely on what level of your knowledge. If they are, then most likely you can create a website from scratch and the website builders will help. But what if there is no such knowledge?

In fact, everything is simpler than it might seem at first glance. You as a parent need to choose a website builder that is easy to use for your baby and matches your financial capabilities. The next step is to first understand how it works for you. After all, only then can you explain everything to the child in an accessible way.

Study all study materials and watch educational videos. As soon as you figure out how everything works out, you can familiarize the child with the instrument.

Select the appropriate template. Depending on the website builder, pay attention to whether you can change it in the future. If time allows and you want the child to begin to understand the topic of programming, then you can edit it or try to start from scratch. In general, the state in which to choose a template is up to you.

Once you have solved the question with templates, it's time to move on to the question of the appearance of your future website. Let your child take photos on their own. You will most likely be surprised, but such photos will be better than you can imagine. Perhaps even you will not be able to repeat such a photo. Thus, your child will be interested in working with the website, because it needs to be periodically filled. And for this, take photos. In general, you see, such a task develops both analytical thinking and creativity.

Try to start a blog. If your child already knows how to write, then you combine business with pleasure. You can give your child the task of writing a small text for the website. Thus, the child will improve his writing skills and it will not be associated with homework. If a child wants to choose a topic for publication on his own, then do not bother him. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will ruin the desire. Let him write on his topic, and suggest your one the next time. Let your kid have more freedom and then interest will not fade away.

Try adding extra chips to your website. Many applications provide various additional “sweets” that will make your website more interesting and convenient. You can also add social networks or the ability to leave comments. You can find applications with which you can make animations, add funny phrases, and so on. In fact, there are plenty of fun apps. So there is where to roam both your imagination and the child.

By the way, videos are also great content for your child. Perhaps your child is already fond of videos, but if not, suggest to try to start. Most likely, such an idea will be very interesting for the young creator. Well, your task is to help in this matter.

At first glance, website builders are a technical solution. But as you can see, these website builders provide much more:

  • Firstly, it is an unforgettable pastime with your child.

  • Development of skills in the field of design, analytics, and creativity in the child.

  • The emergence of interest and determination in a child.

  • Well, getting all the same qualities and skills for adults.

It seems to us that you no longer have doubts about whether to start doing this. And nothing prevents you from starting right now!

The Final Notes

We are sure that you want to start creating the website as soon as possible. All that remains is to choose the right website builder. You still cannot decide? We suggest you take a look at our verdict for each of the top-rated website builders.

  • Wix: It provides good turnkey solutions that suit any topic. Work in this kids website builder is simple so that you will receive exclusively pleasure with your child. And of course, the website is of good quality.

  • WordPress: This website builder is suitable for those parents who understand at least something in the creation of the website. Although it is notable for ease of use, it still requires detailed study and time. If you want to make a serious website for your child, then this is the most suitable website builder.

  • Kids Website Creator: This is the best solution for the smallest creators. Everything is so simple here that even a newborn baby can master it. If you want your child not to worry that something might not work, then stop at this website builder. Everything is simple here!

  • DoodleKit: This is perhaps the best option that is suitable not only for the first attempts but also for a real result. There are all the necessary functions but it is also nice that you can work with it without financial investment. If suddenly your child understands that he or she does not want to continue it anymore, you will have nothing to lose. In general, we kindly recommend that you stay with this builder.

  • Weebly: As mentioned in the review, it has similar features to the Wix. If you want to make a more serious website with the ability to optimize your SEO or work with templates, then this is a good option.

As you can see, these website makers for kids offer both good features and even free working conditions. The latter is especially true because paying an immediately great amount of money is risky. Children change their desires at the speed of light, and if this happens with the creation of the website, and you paid the money,  it can be very disappointing. Therefore, if you doubt that this will captivate your child, then start with free tariff plans. And after that, you can make a decision about whether you should buy other tariff plans. Well, we wish to spend time with your child, and make it not only educational but also exciting!

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