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Overview of the best website builders for musicians


Let’s be honest – to have great music and the sleeky look is only a part of the business in today’s over-digitalized world. If you aren’t going online, a lot (or all) of your potential audience will not be able to hear your songs. To name a few artists, who was discovered thanks to the vast online presence, these are Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, or 5 Seconds of Summer – that’s what’s on the surface, without deep digging, which actually can bring you more names. If you want to be a part of an online cohort, who sells records and singles online, it is crucial to be online – through own website. 

Certainly, nothing comes for free and you have to understand that online presence costs some dough. But that’s not like a fortune, okay? To make your own website of professional quality, you pay nothing. To run it on a monthly basis, you pay from around 5 to 40 dollars a month – depending on a tool you select. 

But how to choose a tool and what if you don’t know anything about making and running websites? That’s completely okay – you don’t have to know anything that is out of the scope of your professional activity. Below, we’re going to talk about those tools and why they suit everyone.


Introduction into music website builders

Website builders are the online tools, which do not require any installation onto the PC/phone of a user. Though some of them may be used through phone, not all of them do, and it is highly recommended to have a powerful PC with broad Internet access, to begin with. Otherwise, things will go slow – especially with Wix, the leader of slow interfaces. 

Why everyone can work productively in music website builders? Because people don’t have to have tech knowledge anymore – everything is pre-prepared. You enter some website builder for musicians and pick a template to your liking from your category (for musicians, standalone performers or bands – depending on what each tool has). There, you see as the template gives you literally anything you’d like to see on your website, including different pages, each for its own goal. With such tools, you can easily create band website, sound lists, players for your music, and clips online, share links to your songs and albums, and, certainly, sell them. To do all that, you don’t need to know how to code – you just pick an element to your liking from the menu and drag-and-drop it to the webpage with a mouse. After you enter your personal information to the pages and upload pieces of your oeuvre to be stored online – the website is ready to go with as little customization as possible. Just as simple as that!

But, hey, does it mean you have to pick the first-best tool? No. And that is why we’re here with this article. 


The top of 5 website builders for musicians

Not all tools were created equal. In fact, there are many website builders over there, which aren’t even closely good for your goal as a musician to have a dedicated website. From amongst about 100 tools in many specializations on the market, we’ve cherry-picked only 5 for you – best tools, which suit exactly your needs. Some of them are specialized and are good for music websites only, while there are such, which are general but as good for you as specialized software is. So here they are: 

  • Bandzoogle
  • Wix
  • Music Glue
  • Squarespace 
  • BandVista.


Review of Bandzoogle music website builder

This music website builder offers a lot of opportunities and its pricing is quite great. We can mention a friendly support service, which is here to solve any issue (you can contact the support center limitlessly and the people there will be as friendly with you as during the first contact). There is a special subscription plan for non-profit organizations that make music. You can attach a blog, music player, nice theme out of 100+, have any bandwidth and storage, and a free custom domain name (as well as you can attach yours if you have it). 


Bandzoogle music website builder’ pros:

  1. Sell your music without commission.

  2. No bandwidth means all-year-round access to your website for everyone without limits.

  3. Great analytics to stay in touch with your website’s indices.

  4. Reasonable pricing for all its subscription plans.


Bandzoogle music website builder’ cons:

  1. Its templates are not superb technically and visually.

  2. There is only unlimited storage for your pages, songs, videos, and pics if you pay for the costliest plan, which is $16.63 a month. This plan, however, is one of the smallest-cost premium plans among all the analyzed website builders here in this article.


Bandzoogle music website builder’ price:

You can pay for a year to save 17% of the initial price or can pay month-to-month. The “Lite” option comes for $8.29 a month (in the annual billing) or $9.95 on a month-to-month billing. “Standard” is for $12.46 and “Pro” is for $16.63. They differ in the number of tracks, pages, and pictures that can be placed online – from 10 any number. You will also have a free SSL certificate for security, access to all themes, gathering of fan data, sales tools without commissions, crowdfunding options to start your projects in the future if you have those, subscriptions, tour calendar, promos, SEO capabilities, and mailing list. In the premium subscription, you can make pre-sales, sell tickets to your concerts, download and sell media files (songs, too), sell merch, and have a more personalized touch to the website design. 


Review of Wix website builder for musicians

Wix is often present in various lists and comparisons because it is a big company, which tries to embrace every aspect of life, where a website might be needed. But this is only a choice if you’re interested in the vastness of tools to use to apply on the pages of your website, 500+ themes to use in dozens of categories, and tech + visual help, which is supported by good-performing artificial intelligence. As for some practical aspects of functioning, like bandwidth, storage space, sales, support, and no advertising of the Wix website for musicians on your pages, this tool is not a leader.


Wix website builder for musicians’ top-rated pros:

  1. 500+ themes to choose from.

  2. Own app store to largely boost up the performance of a website.

  3. Many tools for design and analytics to use in the interface.

  4. AI to make a website for you.

  5. Powerful SEO tools.


Wix website builder for musicians’ cons:

  1. People dislike its bandwidth and storage limitations, which are present in every package of subscription to this or that extent.

  2. There is no possibility to migrate elsewhere or to reuse the freely given name outside Wix.

  3. Some themes and apps are paid.

  4. Not all themes are optimal for a mobile/tablet device.

  5. You can’t go into the HTML/CSS code to change things with hands. 

  6. The HTML code of pages is not technically optimal.


Wix website builder for musicians’ price:

If you plan sales online, then you’ve got only three options for a subscription – ranging from 17 to 35 dollars a month. They have from 20 to 50 Gb storage. Their advantage is that they give some free money for various kinds of online advertising. If you don’t want online sales, then you may choose from one of four plans, ranging from $4.50 to $24.50 a month – half of those are with limited bandwidth, and they all have a small storage issue. The lowest-cost plan has Wix ads all over the pages.


Review of Music Glue website builder for musicians

This is less like website builders for musicians and more like signing to the services of a studio or manager, who is gonna take from 10% to 15%. That is, everything you sell online using the website built in this tool will be charged with a 10%-15% commission depending on the subscription level (there are only two of them). It is the most expensive option of running your website. 


Music Glue website builder for musicians’ pros:

  1. If you don’t sell on your free band website, you don’t pay.

  2. All tracks that are sold and streamed online take part in physical and online charts – which contributes to your general popularity. 


Music Glue website builder for musicians’ cons:

  1. Not too many designs. 

  2. From 10% to 15% commission for sales – too much.


Music Glue website builder for musicians’ price:

From 10% to 15% commission for sales. Otherwise, run your website for free – without any payment. This closely resembles the scheme of relations with an offline-world performer and manager, which, obviously, creators of this builder simply applied to the online world without making any research on how things actually work online. You probably don’t want to resort to their services, in a nutshell.


Review of Squarespace best band website builder

This musician website builder has impressive design flexibility, a lot of themes to select from, and nice features to apply to your website. Squarespace was initially started to be a creative place for creatives – including musicians, artists, writers, performers, and others akin. You can try during a 14-day estimation period, whether you like to work in it or not – and if you do, you will be pleased with opportunities in design, sales, and online SEO promotion that this professional musician website offers anyone. You can integrate your page with social media, SoundCloud (to make people listen and buy your tracks there), as well, as you can sell through any of its plans designed for e-commerce. 


Squarespace website builder for musicians’ pros: 

  1. A free domain name in a yearly subscription.

  2. Store as much as you like and let everyone visit you anytime due to limitlessness.

  3. Powerful SEO and free SSL.

  4. Mobile optimization and powerful stats/metrics.

  5. E-commerce without commission in two higher plans (or 3% commission in the “Business” option) and many powers for e-commerce, which are even more than a creative person might need (good enough for large stores and music studios).


Squarespace website builder for musicians’ cons:

  1. Kinda pricey – compared to Wix, BandVista, and Bandzoogle.

  2. The interface is not as straightforward as in Bandzoogle or Wix, which may somewhat confuse total beginners.


Squarespace website builder for musicians’ price:

Start with “Personal” for 12 dollars a month. “Business” comes for $18, Basic and Advanced Commerce plans go for $26 and $40 for a month. These are prices for a year in a leap. If you are planning to ponder at the end of each month, whether you want to continue with your online presence, then it’ll cost ya up to +30% over the mentioned prices.


Review of BandVista website builder for musicians

BandVista is probably one of the best solutions for creative people – musicians, bands, non-standard performers, and their managers – because of reasonable pricing, power of offered functionality, and large 30-day free trial in order to understand whether this builder is for you. 


BandVista website builder for musicians’ pros:

  1. Each subscription package includes a calendar of your events, a guestbook where people can leave their messages and have discussions, polls to survey your fans, and nice customer service. 

  2. Good value of plans.

  3. A high ease of use.


BandVista website builder for musicians’ cons:

  1. Outdated builder, which lacks a lot of functionality, which developing music website builders offer as of 2019.


BandVista website builder for musicians’ price:

Depending on how many of these you need, you will pay $9.95, $10.85 or $15.85 a month (all plans are paid annually and there is no month-to-month subscription):

  • Mail accounts (5, 10, 50)

  • Music tracks to upload onto your website (50, 100, 1,000)

  • Images to add (500, 1,000, 5,000)

  • Newsletters per month to your fans (1,000, 1,000, 25,000).


Why do I need a website?

You wanna have a website to make people find out about you when they’re searching for music and performers online (thanks to the influence of SEO, you will be found in Google). Once they are on your site, they can listen to your music, buy your records, and subscribe to new events, as well as they can buy tickets to upcoming concerts. Sure, you can have nearly the same thanks to your Facebook and SoundCloud pages but in this case, you have to make advertising, define the design of your page, and pay for sales according to their rates. Nobody tells that you have to ignore other channels of promotion, where the chances to be found are higher in many times than just in Google for some keywords – but having your own site is a chance to build a holistic image of yourself as a standalone performer or a band. 


What pages should be on my music site?

If you plan sales – then the list of all your tracks with a “Buy” button is a pretty obvious solution. You can sell individual tracks or albums.

Next, if you have merch (as you are in some popularity already), a separate page with all sorts of merch that you’re having is a nice decision. This not only brings money but also contributes to your general popularity, as branded items are always a good thing.

If you’re having concerts for 10… 100,000 people, selling tickets to any of them with the selection of seats (if any) or making a table reservation would be good. If you’re rocking in some restaurant or bar, connecting to this place’s website to call and book a seat would be a profitable solution, too. 

If you already have pictures and videos with you (including interviews and promos), it’s nice to have a page for those. 

In addition, the general pages like “About” and “Contacts” are a must so people know about you and can contact you if they want to invite you somewhere. 


How do I get traffic to my website?

You can advertise through Facebook and Google – for money or for free if the ad money is given to you by your music website builder. Also, SEO is an organic advert in search engines. Participate in forums, blogs, communities. Write articles, give interviews, give away your business cards after the concerts, release new songs and negotiate with people in charge of charts to include your songs there. Put links to your site wherever you can.



Q: What is the easiest tool on the market?

A: In terms of ease of working in an interface with a nice outcome – try Wix, a modern and cheap tool. For more creative freedom, try Bandzoogle.


Q: Why didn’t we consider Wordpress in the article?

A: Frankly, today’s leading tools are so powerful that there is no need for Wordpress anymore. Sure, you can try it and dig into the source code if you are tech-savvy enough and think that this makes your boat better afloat than with any of the tools in the article, but it’s only up to you to decide whether this is a better way how to make a band website.



Now you know about music website builders and can make a choice yourself. Try every best website builder for musicians with your own hands during a free trial period and decide whether this is something that you can work with.

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