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Getting ready for the most important and unforgettable day in your life? You probably spent a lot of time planning everything - if not on paper, then at least in your head. But even if the organization of the holidays is your hobby, and everything goes like clockwork, there is one moment that definitely does not hurt to deal with. We are talking about the same questions that sound vying literally from all sides: what to give, what to come to, where to come, what time it starts, etc.

How to keep your mind and save yourself from repeating the same thing to dear relatives and no less dear friends? Very simple: you need to make a wedding site!

We propose you to use the the best wedding websites 2019 such as:

  1. Wix

  2. Squarespace

  3. Weebly

  4. The Knot

  5. Apply Couple

  6. Joy 



Wix is a web-based homepage building kit that is surprisingly well structured according to needs and topics. Already on the start page, you can decide on the layout templates, especially for your wedding website. The selection is huge and under the free templates, you will surely find the right one for you. The templates, as layout templates are often called, are incidentally responsive. This means that the page will also be displayed well on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In the basic version, Wix is free. The premium packages include a wealth of additional features and apps, which makes sense especially for wedding website makers (often referred to as wedding pages). These include a guestbook, a chat or a picture gallery.

When designing a wedding homepage with the construction company Wix it almost always depends on the selection of the correct layout template. For anything else, there are virtually no limits to your imagination and creativity. Wedding site templates are edited on Wix like any other template.

The Wix test shows that one of the biggest advantages is design options. You can choose between different templates that are ideal for individual industries.Also, you have a lot of creative freedom. There are other providers where you do not have much freedom.You can also animate certain elements. These animations can make the whole site more dynamic. Now on the site, you can integrate many different applications. For example, you can set up newsletters or even chat.


  • Good design templates.
  • Intuitive drag and drop controls
  • Already at a free rate, most features are available for comprehensive testing.
  • many free images, graphics, and illustrations 


  • Wix brings relatively high prices. The cheapest ad-free rate here costs € 8.50. Partially you get such an offer from other suppliers for about 5 €.
  • From the experience of, you can see that you are relatively limited in changing templates. Once you have decided on a template, you cannot completely replace it with another. However, it is possible to change the selected template in terms of design, flexibility.
  • Besides, you do not have access to the source code and, therefore, you cannot edit the HTML or CSS of the site. But it’s possible to use certain HTML widgets to access it.


Squarespace has “just” a little over 40 and 20 homepage design templates, but they are all beautifully designed to create websites that look as if they were made individually and cost thousands of dollars.

Unlike Wix, Squarespace follows the motto “class instead of mass.” Thus, you have less choice, but you can count on each Squarespace design to be of high quality.

Squarespace offers a good selection of beautiful design templates that immediately highlight your site, as it should be. Design templates cover a range of styles and industries, and they all have an original minimalist look that creates the basis for photos.

Squarespace automatically adjusts your site to a specific display (including touch screens of all sizes). Therefore, you do not need to create a special version of the site for mobile devices.

With Squarespace's style editor, you don't need any programming skills. Everything works with drag and drop.

The style editor allows you to customize fonts, colors, image transparency, sidebar width, wallpapers, sizes and intervals for almost all elements of your Squarespace site.


  • Beautiful design templates for a great site
  • Thanks to responsive design templates, your wedding website also looks great on smartphones and tablets.
  • Extensive customization options without programming.


  • Not the easiest wedding website creator
  • Packages are relatively expensive
  • No manual mobile editor


Weebly is a highly accessible toolkit that allows you to create a great site without any programming.

Even for beginners, it’s quite easy to create an online presence for a project, hobby or small business with the drag and drop tool.

Weebly provides all the basic tools necessary to create an excellent, functioning corporate wedding website. You can create an excellent website in just a few hours and even create an online store.

Among the templates ("theme") on Weebly, a particularly fashionable and responsive design. Unlike Wix, Weebly allows you to switch between themes, use HTML and CSS, and upload your site code.

The Weebly Help and Support Center has many helpful tips for improving Google rankings. These include programming tips and keyword support.

Weebly is a classic WYSIWYG kit (what you see is what you get).In other words, you can create a full-fledged website by dragging, moving and adjusting elements, such as photos, icons, and menus, on the screen, without even having to resort to the code. Weebly Design Template Editor shows you what your visitors see after publishing your site.

At Website Builder Expert, we go through individual sets step by step. For example, we let ordinary people work with them to see how light they are.

Weebly will automatically create a mobile version of your website and verify it. As mentioned above, the latest Weebly design templates are automatically optimized for mobile devices. Thus, your design adapts to the touch screens of your visitors' mobile devices. All you have to do is see how your website appears on smartphones and tablets.

If you choose an outdated, non-mobile-oriented design, the editor will let you see how your site works on different devices.


  • Top site scaling options
  • Cheapest Startup Plan
  • SEO instructions are especially helpful.


  • Pretty expensive premium plans
  • It is not possible to restore your site without contacting Weebly support.


Appy Couple

Appy Couple – is a web-based building kit wedding planning. Thanks to its functions, organizing your wedding will be easy and simple. You can use ready-made themes and modules. All you have to do is change the design. Consolidating the guest list, collecting addresses, sending out invitations - Appy Couple can help you with all this. Thanks to RSVP management, you can configure the menu of each guest, the acceptable number of invitees, arrange the guests into groups of family or friends, and compose all musical requests. All items will be collected in one place for your convenience.

Also, your guests will be able to find out all the useful information about the upcoming wedding through the application. This will simplify your task by sending out cards and invitations. Of course, not always template themes will be to your taste, in this case, you will have to change everything from the title to the navigation. To get a unique design, you need to contact Appy Couple directly.

You can also use the concierge function to book a hotel or transport. You will not need to think about what is the best way to get there and where guests are accommodated. Appy Couple will do everything for you.


  • You have a one-time fee for unlimited access to your site
  • There is a module for every need you can think of
  • You have over 500 pre-made themes for using


  • individual prices for the unique design 

The Knot

The Knot is one of the leading website builder for couples who are planning weddings. TheKnot has a mobile application for iOS and Android, which helps to simplify the organization of your wedding at times. Here you can find photographers, as well as deliver to the guests all the necessary information about the event. You no longer need to send postcards by mail, wait for a response from each guest, The Knot will do everything for you. You can also use the necessary tips from TheKnot magazines. A catalog of the most beautiful wedding dresses is waiting for you here.

The Knot is very easy to use. You do not have to spend a lot of time on all organizational issues. He will communicate with your guests and send out all the necessary information. Thanks to The Knot Newlywed Fund, your guests will be able to send you cash gifts.


  • over 160 design templates
  • Registry and RSVP Integration
  • a huge number of tools to fully assist wedding planning


  • Some additional features are missing.
  • not many editing options


Joy is very convenient to use and offers a large selection of tools for organizing a wedding.

A very convenient feature is that you can import the guest list with EXEL rather than re-create it. All functions associated with guests will be placed on the central toolbar. You can set restrictions on the number of guests, manage each guest, up to the menu and the ability to bring +1. Joy will send messages to guests instead of you. You just need to set up reminders and the system will automatically send them at the right time for you.

You can also use the central timeline for photos of your wedding. Guests can add their own photos, as well as like and comment. Each guest will also have their own profile on the site and they can easily interact with other guests, as they can see the profiles of other guests.

 On the central control panel, you can see bold icons and uncluttered layout, which makes the site very easy to use. You can create a new design on every page.


  • Joy offers a large number of administrators to help organize
  • Enough features for zero cost for free
  • Joy allows guests to be part of the organizing moments of the wedding
  • Modular functions (RSVP manager, mobile application)


  • There is not much variety in application design
  • Many features require an internet connection.



How to make a wedding website?

Create your wedding homepage interactively by inserting pictures, texts, and videos: tell your story and introduce your witnesses. Give your guests a first look at what awaits you on your holiday. Gather all the important information, such as dates and times for friends and guests. With short-term changes, you can quickly and easily inform.

You can link your wedding table online and inform everyone about your gift wishes. After the wedding, you can create picture galleries and share photos with everyone. You create a wonderful memory of your wedding.

What to put on the wedding website?


It’s better to tell guests exactly what you need than to pretend that you are delighted with the ugly service presented by your cousin. Help your guests get right. Add a link to the list of desired gifts, let them choose from win-win options.

Love story

Remind the guests about the main idea of ​​the holiday: put the history of your relationship on the website and tell how it all began and what it ultimately led to.

Entertainment for guests

Guests should not be bored and sit idle, so ask them to leave comments on the site.

Road map

Without exception, everyone should know how to get to the scene, so put a map on the site and draw a route.

Invitation confirmation form

Paper cards marked RSVP and return address are old-fashioned and expensive. In the 21st century, you can not translate paper, but send an online invitation and immediately find out if a person will come or not. To do this, you will need the “Form Designer" application. Add it to the site, select the registration template for the event and mark the required fields.


Which wedding website builder is the best for displaying photographs?

Every girl dreams of a wedding since childhood, trying on mother's dresses. Therefore, you need a long-awaited day imprinted in your memory forever and there were photos by which you can remember this day again and again.

Sites are an important aspect of the work of any photographer. They both create their own image and also set you apart from the crowd of Instagram brides. All the platforms mentioned above are good for photos. Some work only with an Internet connection, some do not. The choice is yours. 

Why should I sign up for a premium plan if there are free plans available?

You can choose any plan you want, but it all depends on the functions you would like to have. Not all website builders have a unique design for each person, so you have to pay for it. But if you are satisfied with template designs, and you want to change only the color or font, then it will not be a problem to stay on the same tariff plan. It all depends on your wishes.

Which wedding website builder is best for total beginners?

Website development today is no longer the privilege of tech-savvy nerds. The fastest way to quickly and easily get to a wedding site without any prior knowledge is to use home page kits. This operation is self-explanatory and allows you to enjoy high-end modular systems.

Good website creators offer either their own design templates, especially for wedding sites, or layouts that are very close to this goal. Typically, pages are created - with a few clicks - and then simply filled with images, texts or videos. There are templates for pages with art galleries, contact forms or directions to the venue - usually, everything is ready and you just need to fill in the content.

Any of the above sites are suitable for beginners.

Wedding websites examples:

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