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5 Best Website Builders
5 Best Website Builders
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Ease Of Use:10/10
Support:Support center
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9/10
Support:Live chat support
Design flexibility:10/10
Ease Of Use:9.5/10
Support:Help center
Design flexibility:8.5/10
Ease Of Use:10/10
Support:Support hub
Design flexibility:9/10
Ease Of Use:10/10
Support:24/7 Support
Design flexibility:10/10

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Best WYSIWYG website builders

WYSIWYG is an abbreviation of “what you see is what you get” phrase. This phrase was constructed by Larry Sinclair to express the thought that the user will see on the screen exactly the same he’s gonna get printed. It is a specialized feature of a program that helps to moderate and edit the final look of a web page, etc. This tool is very convenient because every user simply needs to look at the screen instead of visualizing it. The synonymous for such kind of programs is a “visual editor”.

A little bit of history, the first program to use WYSIWYG is a text editor Bravo, this program was developed by Butler Lampson, Charles Simonyi and others in 1974. Unfortunately, the program wasn’t released but, probably, further Xerox Star PC’s software is a direct descendent of this editor.

WYSIWYG is a perfect choice for those users who don’t want to learn HTML codes for creating their own blogs or web pages. In this case, specialized WYSIWYG website builders are worth being considered. One of the most obvious WYSIWYG editors advantage is that the customer can see the final picture of his product and get full control over it. Another plus is a quite good time and money savior so you don’t need to pay a significant amount of money to web developers and web designers. Many WYSIWYG web builder proposes a function of an own web hosting where you can publish your own website or a web page. In some web editors, this feature is for free in some is for pay. However, it gives customers the option of creating or choosing already existing templates, forms, styles. etc. Many of WYSIWYG software propose paid templates, some of the customers think that they are more professional and sophisticated. On the other hand, the best way to know it is to become a user of such a WYSIWYG editor and discover its strong or weak points. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best WYSIWYG website builders to help clients choose the one that fits their expectations the most.

Conclusions about best WYSIWYG website builders

To cut a long story short, the best way to find the best WYSIWYG web builder for your business needs is to make own research and try free 14 days trials to get acquainted with all the weak and strong points. Good luck!

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