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WYSIWYG is an abbreviation of “what you see is what you get” phrase. This phrase was constructed by Larry Sinclair to express the thought that the user will see on the screen exactly the same he’s gonna get printed. It is a specialized feature of a program that helps to moderate and edit the final look of a web page, etc. This tool is very convenient because every user simply needs to look at the screen instead of visualizing it. The synonymous for such kind of programs is a “visual editor”.


A little bit of history, the first program to use WYSIWYG is a text editor Bravo, this program was developed by Butler Lampson, Charles Simonyi and others in 1974. Unfortunately, the program wasn’t released but, probably, further Xerox Star PC’s software is a direct descendent of this editor.

WYSIWYG is a perfect choice for those users who don’t want to learn HTML codes for creating their own blogs or web pages. In this case, specialized WYSIWYG website builders are worth being considered. One of the most obvious WYSIWYG editors advantage is that the customer can see the final picture of his product and get full control over it. Another plus is a quite good time and money savior so you don’t need to pay a significant amount of money to web developers and web designers. Many WYSIWYG web editors propose a function of an own web hosting where you can publish your own website or a web page. In some web editors, this feature is for free in some is for pay. However, it gives customers the option of creating or choosing already existing templates, forms, styles. etc. Many of WYSIWYG software propose paid templates, some of the customers think that they are more professional and sophisticated. On the other hand, the best way to know it is to become a user of such a WYSIWYG editor and discover its strong or weak points. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best WYSIWYG website builders to help clients choose the one that fits their expectations the most.


Wix WYSIWYG website builder 

Wix is one of the best WYSIWYG web builders around the world. It was launched in 2006 and since then attracted an enormous amount of fans and we want to tell you why exactly. Wix WYSIWYG software contains different features implemented in a management system to achieve the highest results in creating web pages and web sites. It is a perfect choice that contains a website editor and different options included. This combination is winning for online-store and average users as well.

An implemented Editor helps clients to see the final design of a web page which is very comfortable. The interface and management system is pretty clear and understandable even for beginners which is a huge plus. It has a lot of features and options to make your brand really recognizable, memorable and creative so you can sell your products or services. Implemented Design option can be fully compared with a full-stack web design agency to create the best design ever using different templates, etc. 

Wix WYSIWYG website builder can significantly save customers time and efforts by using templates. Also, there are many built-in features that will help to promote your business website within different social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

As for eCommerce features, the Wix website builder has really useful options to deal with. Along with that, it might be localized into various languages to spread your influence around the world!  

Wix website builder has a really fast customer support service to help you 24\7 without any rest. Various blog features can be easily added and implemented into your online store. As for eCommerce monthly plans, Wix pricing starts at $28 for the basic monthly package to $59 for more advanced and professional users.

Wix WYSIWYG platform might be a good choice for those who don’t want to spend enormous amounts of money paying for web design agencies, freelancers and others. It is very convenient for every user with every type of knowledge and experience. It is also constantly updated. It also has a possibility of adding an HTML code and have the functionality of drag and drop website building.

As for some disadvantages, WIX proposes many templates for pay which might be accessible if you get a monthly subscription. Also, it is not so compatible so it might not be compatible with different mobile devices. Statistics are not collected by Wix analytics, but they can be collected by other side analytics.

To sum, up Wix is a quite good option for a different audience. Surely, there are some cons but in general, it will be a good choice.



With Weebly drag and drop service adding photos, videos, pictures, and other elements have become fun! It is clear for every user with all level of technical understanding and skills. You can select the item needed and drop it directly onto your webpage without any problems. Those place where you have put it will be displayed directly in the same place when customers will visit your website. It is pretty intuitive!

Weebly has a really convenient option as adding other people to your editing process. These people are called editors. It is a good chance of letting those who you trust to edit and manage your website elements. Weebly website builder is also constantly updated so you don’t need to refresh your web page all the time to save results. Another advantage is a free mobile builder where you can see all the changes on your mobile device and apply them.

Weebly got more than 40 millions of different websites all over the world. So let’s discuss what features have attracted such amount of customers to this powerful website builder.

Firstly, Weebly will be the perfect match for small businesses. It has all convenient features to launch your professional business web page or a website within an hour. Weebly has a really impressive amount of templates that will respond to every customer taste! What’s more-it is updated almost every day and have a pretty high level of compatibility with different mobile devices. Also, in case you’ll need some changes-you can customize your website with an HTML code. Another thing is that Weebly has a convenient SEO guide where you can find very useful tips on how to raise the ranking of your website and many other SEO techniques.

However, some of the users admit having some cons. Weebly WYSIWYG website builder has a drag and drops service but, unfortunately, it is limited. That means that you cannot customize your website background and other website elements like templates, fonts, etc. 

Also, you can’t get back to your previous savings without contacting the Weebly support team. For many existing customers, it is pretty annoying. The last one, Weebly doesn’t have an Artificial Design Intelligence function unlike its competitors Wix and Jimdo which is a minus.  


Squarespace WYSIWYG website builders have its own pros and cons like every software and programs. It has many convenient options that can significantly ease the process of website creation and design. Most of the users think of Squarespace as one of the most stylish platforms for the creation of online stores. It has flawless design options and wonderful templates. This is really good for creative people with imagination. 


Also, it has a really competitive price in comparison with other website builders. For example, its competitors have significantly higher price despite its almost similar functionality.


Indisputable plus is a simple and user- friendly WYSIWYG Editor. It has a simple design and includes all important tools options in a left sidebar. The Editor gives an opportunity to manage pages, build sites, choose colors, site backups and many more. On the other hand, blogs and web stores are suitable for average users more than for businesses. Also, you need to pay more for some additional options to make your website look more attractive than ever. However, there’s still a possibility of creating a website with unlimited storage, various templates, and bandwidth. 

Squarespace proposes a free SSL certificate which is quite rare for website builders. It has such payment systems include as Stripe and PayPal. Another convenient function is an implemented Adobe Image Editor into a WYSIWYG editor. Also, you can add your own HTML codes to make your website more customized.

As for dark sides, you have limited access to templates changing and customization of mobile web pages. Also, there are additional payments for transaction fees depending on monthly plans. 



Shopify eCommerce website builder is one of the leaders in eCommerce maker segments. It is a wonderful choice for those who are interested in eCommerce features to create an online store for your products. So probably it will be the best choice for online business owners. It gives clients access to an online store creating options. Lack of technical background won’t be an obstacle for creating a web store with the help of current templates or creating them from nothing.

The WYSIWYG editor will propose the best option for web design by using different templates, fonts, etc. Also, eCommerce online functions will help to add payment methods, payment transactions, etc to make your online-store profitable as it never was.

Along with that, Shopify free website builder proposes implemented SEO features for online promotion, and mobile compatibility with any device so you can get notifications on the go. Thus, your future online-store will be compatible with any device like laptop, desktop or tablet. 

One of the most obvious Shopify’s features is access to various and mostly free templates and unlimited web pages for products. All of the templates will be professional and good looking.


Shopify monthly plans start from $9 for the newcomers to $2000 for larger companies. The level of monthly payment might depend on the amount of monthly revenue of the company. So, the company with a monthly income of $0 to $17 000 might be satisfied with a monthly plan for $29 only which is quite reasonable.


Shopify’s most attractive advantage is the ability to use its 14 days of a free trial. It is the best option to explore its weak and strong points and to decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. However, this platform is one of the most recommended eCommerce platforms for users. One of the Shopify’s advantages is its customer support to provide the best online help service ever for 24\7. Also, it has hundreds of themes that are waiting in line to be implemented. All of the eCommerce tools are contained in one specialized hosting and eCommerce website builder. 

 The process of creating a web-page is pretty simple and understandable. Every user with different skills may choose design and style for their taste, fill it with different templates and promote it with different SEO tools to achieve the highest sales level ever.  


On the other hand, despite its advantages, many real users admit some weak points and cons like a  high price of additional applications. Unfortunately, for some customers, Shopify might be hard for understanding and making such actions like changing themes, templates, etc. It was described by real users as most inconvenient and annoying. Also, if you won’t use an implemented Shopify’s payment systems it will take your sales percentage which is quite uncomfortable. All options are for pay, however, they do have 14 days free trial. The last thing is that there is no HTML editor in a basic plan. 



Strikingly WYSIWYG website builder is a very convenient tool to build a good website. On the other hand, there is a pretty wide range of limitations. You can set-up your website literally in a few minutes but there are limited pages for your product which is not good. They can only be scrolled down which is bad for web site management.

Strikingly is perfect for those who are not highly qualified in technical aspects. It will help you to create a wonderful website according to your segment.

The free monthly plan will give you 5 GB bandwidth, unlimited websites amount but only 1 product page and subdomain. There are 3 pricing plans,$8,20,49 a month depending on functionality. Depending on a hosting plan you can add your own HTML, Javascript and CSS codes to your personal account. Strikingly website uses PayPal payment system which is very convenient for most of the users. Another good thing is that once you’ve uploaded an image there’s no need to upload it more because it is saved in a web site management system. The customer support team is available for 24\7 to answer all of your questions. Also, many different apps might be included on your website.

As for cons, without a pro monthly plan it is really hard to create something really valuable because in a free plan your actions will be unlimited. Also, it is very inconvenient to switch between template Editor and page sections.



BigCommerce WYSIWYG builder will be the perfect choice for owners of a niche business because of their templates. All of this makes it a perfect tool for creating an online store. These are online-checkout, implemented analytics and access to various applications. 

This online eCommerce website builder is good for beginners and professionals as well. It is very compatible with different mobile devices and very convenient in everyday usage.

One of the most indisputable advantages of the BigCommerce online platform is the amount of implemented features. It is significantly higher than its competitors '. These features (e.g SEO tools) will help to promote your product within social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Many real users really admire these tools.

As for advantages, there is unlimited space and the number of pages in every plan. They contain no transaction fees which is good. It is highly compatible with different devices and user-friendly. Also, BigCommerce works with ApplePay.

As for cons, in case of having some troubles refund is not available. There are various themes but all of them look pretty simple so it won’t be useful for those who want customization. Additional applications are pretty expensive so your bill might be really impressive even with a low monthly plan.  


IM Creator

IM WYSIWYG website builder is a highly functional and stylish platform. I'm creator will be the best choice for some kind of artists who need an exceptional portfolio filled with photos. It is also a good choice for the creation of eCommerce websites, online-stores, blogs, etc. It has more than 17 millions of constant users around the world which is trustable. IM Creator is probably the one and only eCommerce website maker where you can create your own online store and sell it without any payments. However, it will be more suitable for small business niche representatives that are not is a search for growth. One of these online platform advantages is the user-friendliness that will help every beginner to deal with it. On the other hand, you’ll need to know how to code if you want some bigger results. Notifications and pop-up messages will help beginners to set up their online stores. Some of the users sincerely think of IM Creator as one of the riskiest choices to start your business. Fortunately, there are real user reviews that will guide you. 


As for disadvantages, IM Creator won’t be suitable for those who don’t want to stand out because it proposes a really low level of customization for their customers. There is a compilation of standard basic themes and templates to deal with. 


Another con is a request for coding skills which might be absent with an average user. Also, there is really low quality and depth of their implemented features which might be bad for further management. Standard eCommerce features include a mobile app compatible with different devices and three different financial systems (accepted payments). These are Stripe, Square, and PayPal. IM Creator doesn’t charge fees for transactions which is definitely a plus.



Jimdo website builder is quite easy in use which is definitely a plus. It will be useful for beginners and professionals as well. It allows you to drag and drop elements into your website. Various templates, elements, fonts, designs, etc are accessible to create the best website ever. Jimdo’s mode for developers will get you access to HTML and CSS code adding and editing.

The WYSIWYG editor has a built-in image editor that allows you to make basic changes to your images. As for payment options, it allows PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. Also, free accounts will allow you to make sales. 

However, it is almost impossible to move your site to another host. Along with that, you’re not able to switch layouts after you’ve started working on your site. Instead of using HTML, the site uses its own proprietary markup language.

Jimdo also contains many interesting features as an ability to design your own website templates and widgets.

It offers unlimited pages and bandwidth even for free accounts. Also, you have access to a free stock photography collection. An eCommerce Store Control Panel allows you to easily manage a number of settings related to sales. Many users complain about Jimdo being old-fashioned and quite outdated. Many of proposed templates seem really old which don’t match today modern reality. Another thing which might be considered as a disadvantage is a Jimdo price which is really twice higher than its competitors have. The basic monthly plan starts with 9 Euros.

As for advantages, Jimdo does have nice implemented SEO tools to promote your products with the Internet. It is also pretty easy in usage for an average customer and professional as well. However, templates are really basic. Also, it will be hard to scale your business with such a composition of tools. Also, the customer support team could have been more flexible, fast and better. As for payments, the bill is paid for one year only which is very inconvenient and significant for a pocket. 

To sum up, Jimdo has a pretty convenient editor. It is very simple in use. All you need is to choose the element needed. Unfortunately, Jimdo doesn’t have a wide range of widgets as Weebly and Wix do have. Another plus is that Jimdo has a comfortable blog adding functions. All you need to do is to choose a Blog button in a left sidebar and that’s it!! New Posts button will help you to add new stories and blog posts to your page. Along with that Jimdo does have a very convenient eCommerce manager to set up your online store immediately.



uKit WYSIWYG web builder is a good choice for those who want to create their personal website. There are no hesitations that having a website is a chance to put an emphasis on your brand, its strong points, advantages and, surely, increase sales. Implemented SEO tools will help to promote your brand image within the Internet. 

uKit WYSIWYG website builder is your personal web designer and program developer, all in one! uKit is a perfect time and money saver. He is an exceptionally user-friendly website creator. It is simple and understandable for those who don’t have a technical background or programming skills. It is very fast, launching of your own website can be a matter of a few minutes or an hour only.

Probably, there’s no better web builder for your company sales than uKit. It is the best place to promote and sell your products or services. uKit offers a really wide range of free templates, various widgets segmented into categories. Along with that, it is synchronized with third-party services which are pretty cool. So your project will b launched pretty fast without any postponements.

To start with,uKit website builder is full of different templates. They are fully compatible with different types of mobile devices. In this case, there’s an option that basic templates won’t be enough for your needs so there’s always a possibility to buy premium monthly plans with more professional designs for a reasonable price. In case you’ve already published your website, there’s always a chance you can change the templates you’ve selected.

iKit WYSIWYG web builder will help you to implement your blog with special features. All of the sites are highly customizable according to your taste and business goals. In the end, you’ll get a structured FAQ section where you can get answers to all your questions.  

As for disadvantages, uKit website builder might have different troubles and bugs with functionality which is quite annoying. Also, many existing templates and themes are really the same.

As for pricing, the minimal monthly plan costs $5 a month which is affordable. The basic monthly plan will cost you $10 and plan with an e-commerce functional $12.


Conclusions about best WYSIWYG website builders

To cut a long story short, the best way to find the best WYSIWYG web builder for your business needs is to make own research and try free 14 days trials to get acquainted with all the weak and strong points. Good luck!

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